Looking to Turn Your Basement into a Relaxing Sanctuary? Here Are The Top Factors You Need to Consider

Looking to Turn Your Basement into a Relaxing Sanctuary? Here Are The Top Factors You Need to Consider

remodeling a basement


During the current pandemic, most homeowners are looking to turn parts of their homes into a sanctuary. However, remodeling a basement into a room for relaxation has its challenges. More than 50% of homes are more than 40 years old. That means most basements are not structurally sound for creating a tranquil space.

If you’re looking to turn your basement into a relaxing sanctuary, here are the top factors you need to consider.

1. Moisture and Water Damage

Before remodeling a basement, you ought to evaluate the risk of moisture and flooding. Given the location of the room, it can be vulnerable to water damage. Overlooking such problems will only cause costly complications later.

Additionally, a humid room is not conducive to a tranquil space. Humidity can cause discomfort and make the interior feel hotter than it is. Moisture can also damage your valuables and cause mold growth, rotting, and a host of other issues.

2. Foundation Weaknesses

You may also have to address the foundation’s structural issues, especially if there is moisture present. Water can damage concrete, creating cracks on its surface. Signs of foundation issues may include soft concrete, bulging walls, and stuck doors and windows. You should also check to see if the foundation is leaking whenever it rains.

3. Assess the Quality of Insulation

If you are remodeling your basement into a tranquil space, an efficient air conditioning system is also necessary. For air conditioning to be effective in either warm or cold climates, the room may require additional insulation.

The type of insulation will depend on the climate and the parts of the room in question. Local codes stipulate the kind of material suitable for your home. A basement finishing service can help you determine whether you’ll need to upgrade insulation.

4. Upgrading the Walls

The wall is a critical aspect of remodeling a basement since it provides room for cables and wires. It is often essential when you want to bring out an aesthetically pleasing interior. Walls are necessary for support, so it is advisable to have a basement finisher assess the beams to determine their structural integrity.

5. Enhance Lighting and Ambiance

One of the challenges with basement renovations is that the room is often dark and plain with no interesting features. It is one reason some homeowners opt to turn the room into a home theater. The dark space is suitable for watching movies or sports games on a big screen.

Although, if you are remodeling the basement into a wet bar or family room, lighting is always essential. You can utilize different types of lighting to increase illumination while minimizing energy consumption.

There are many options for the kind of lamps you can use to infuse a tranquil ambiance for a relaxing room. A basement finishing company can help you address your home’s lighting needs.

Turning a basement into an area for you and your family to unwind can be a great idea. However, there are several challenges you need to address to avoid water damage and comply with the local code. You ought to consider hiring a professional basement finisher for an evaluation before commencing with the project.

Top 3 Features of Basement Remodels

Top 3 Features of Basement Remodels

fireplace hearth

The current average cost for a basic basement renovation is about $35.000, equal to about $35 per square foot. But before you start thinking that might be too expensive, consider the benefits of basement renovations. Choosing the right basement remodeling company guarantees a fast and professional remodel that is a great investment for years to come. Keep reading to learn about some great features to include in your basement finishing project.

Basement Wet Bar

Consider your basement remodel as a blank canvas for your next big design idea. Always wanted a wet bar? With a wet bar design from your local basement remodeling company, you can have the bar of your dreams — from a peninsula wet bar to an island wet bar. Home improvement has never been easier than designing a new wet bar with basement bar plans from your local basement finishing company. Imagine the fun you’ll have pouring drinks and sipping comfortably with your friends and family in your new basement bar space.

Fireplace Hearth

Looking for a basement redesign that is more functional and family-friendly? Then consider fireplace construction as one of your basement upgrades. A fireplace hearth and mantel adds both warmth and style to your basement remodel, while expert fireplace design ensures a customized fireplace hearth to accentuate your decor. Basement family rooms wouldn’t be complete without an electric fireplace to add coziness and atmosphere to your family gatherings.

Home Theatre

One of the most popular basement upgrades is a home theatre. Choose your style from an open home theatre or an enclosed custom home theater that will be the centerpiece of your basement family room. Your local basement finishing company can help you with the design process from start to finish before installing the home theatre set up of your dreams. Have a projection screen to hang on the wall, or an LCD TV you want to install in a custom-built niche? The options are endless when you choose a basement finishing company that has expertise in both building and design. Entertain your friends and family with style in a custom-designed media room that makes any movie night special.

Basement renovations may seem expensive and overwhelming, but when you choose a professional local basement finishing company, your home improvement project is easily transformed into the room of your dreams. With upgrades that include a custom fireplace hearth, fireplace construction and design, wet bar design, and a custom-built home theatre, you can turn your basement remodeling dream into reality with your local basement finishing company.

Ready for Remodeling? Great Ideas for Basement Renovations

Ready for Remodeling? Great Ideas for Basement Renovations

basement wet bar

Did you know that the average basement remodel can have up to a 70% return on investment? Are you thinking of undergoing a basement remodel, but not sure if it is worth it? Although finishing a basement may seem both expensive and time-consuming, with the right basement remodeling company you can add space to your home with a headache-free basement renovation that will give you a new room to enjoy for years to come. Below are some great ideas for remodeling a basement with a professional basement finishing company.

Family Rooms

Family rooms are great for both entertaining guests and relaxing with your loved ones. The best thing about basement remodeling is that you can choose how you want to recreate your new space, whether it’s a comfy, relaxing room with a home theatre, or a more game-themed rec room with a pool or air hockey table. Want to add an electric fireplace for some extra warmth and coziness? The choice is yours. The options are endless when you choose a basement finishing company with experience in creating customized family rooms, fireplace design and construction, and quality, professional basement remodeling.

Basement Wet Bar

Looking for a more adult-friendly way to spruce up your basement? How about a basement wet bar where you can entertain your friends and family? Basement wet bars are some of the most common basement upgrades because they are a great way to add a unique space to your home. Your local basement finishing company can help with your wet bar design, offering anything from an island wet bar to a peninsula wet bar and beyond. Mix and pour the drinks behind your new wet bar while your guests soak in the atmosphere of your new sophisticated and fun space. Add a jukebox, TVs, or even a new fireplace to complete the look of your basement remodel.

Specialty Rooms

Not sure exactly what you want your basement renovation to be? You can still add space to your home by creating a basement finishing project that is a blank canvas for whatever you want it to be. Enjoy crafting, knitting, or sewing? Then transform your new basement into a place to indulge your favorite hobby. Like working out, but have no space for the equipment? Turn your basement into a home gym where you can exercise in the comfort of your own home. But why choose just one? A professional basement finishing company can help you transform your space into a multi-functional room or rooms for everyone to enjoy.

While finishing a basement may seem expensive, it is actually a great investment in your home’s future. Not only can a basement remodel add space to your home, but it can also become a new and exciting room for you and your family to enjoy. From family and rec rooms to a basement wet bar, your local basement finishing company has all the options available to transform your basement into an amazing new space.

5 Awesome Ways to Upgrade Your Basement

5 Awesome Ways to Upgrade Your Basement

basement upgradesDid you know that finishing your basement costs approximately 80% less than buying a larger home? Basement upgrades not only give you an extra room (or rooms) in your home, but they can also add value to your property in the long run. Keep reading to learn more about the best ideas for basement upgrades.

Family Room

One of the best ways to upgrade your basement is by turning it into a family room. Keep all your games, video game systems, and entertainment systems organized and in one place. Be sure to add a comfy couch, chairs, and a table for playing board games or doing puzzles.

Hobby Room

Don’t have a place to keep your sewing machine? Need a spot to build and display your models? Simply finish the walls and floors and divide the room into spaces where everyone can enjoy their favorite hobbies. The plus side is you have plenty of space to organize all of your materials nearby for easy access.

Wine Cellar

Building a wine cellar in your basement is easier than you think. By utilizing your basement’s climate, you can build an elegant space for your wine collection. Finish off a small area and furnish with a table and chairs to host your own wine tastings for friends and family.

Build a Bar

Use your newly finished basement space to create a fully-stocked bar for entertaining friends and family. Want a classic, padded bar with stools? Or how about a modern bar with swivel chairs, a glass back bar, and elegant stemware? The choice is yours! You can even add to the bar vibe with a jukebox, pool table, dartboard, or big screen TV.

Rental Space

Depending on the size of your basement, you may be able to use it as an apartment for rent. This option may require more work depending on your plumbing, or your ability to include a kitchen or bathroom. However, careful work and planning may allow your basement space to become someone’s future home–and an extra source of income.

You may see your basement solely as a space where you keep your washer/dryer and store your holiday decorations. However, a basement upgrade can be a very worthwhile investment, whether you are looking for extra space or want a place to entertain, play, or simply relax. The next time you visit your basement, think about these awesome upgrades and imagine the possibilities!

5 Easy Tips for Successful Basement Renovations

5 Easy Tips for Successful Basement Renovations

basement renovations


Basement remodeling is an exciting way to add value, space, and comfort to your home. Households considering adding one or two rooms to their existing homes could make great savings by utilizing the space in the unfinished basement. Here are five necessary tips for successful basement remodel or finishing.

1. Bring in the Experts

A basement renovation may seem like an excellent DIY home improvement project right after your spring cleaning. However, it is better to leave the remodel or upgrade to professional basement designers and contractors. You may need to have permits from the local building department. Basement finishing companies can help you obtain the permits as well as come up with designs for your ideal family area. Additionally, you do not wish to mess with your home’s plumbing and wiring. It would be best to leave it to the experts.

2. Understand Your Needs and Wants

Coming up with a space that is inviting to you and your family involves thoroughly thinking through your needs. Do you argue with other family members about the use of bathrooms in your home? Do you hate running upstairs to the kitchen during the game night? What about building an extra bathroom and a partial kitchen in your basement? You may have to think of the future as well. Ensure that the space you are designing today can easily accommodate changes in the future according to your growing needs.

3. Make the Most of Your Existing Features

The best and easiest path to having successful basement renovations is by putting the current basement characteristics into good use. Stand in the middle of the unfinished basement and point out the major features. For example, plumbing and HVAC ducts will make it easier to add a new bathroom. A darkened room is perfect for a home theatre or a wet bar.

4. Be on the Look Out for Water Damage and Cracks

Before you kickstart your basement remodel, you may need to inspect the space for water damage, flooding, or cracks. You can enlist the services of a basement remodeling company to help you create lasting solutions before progressing with the upgrades.

5. Figure Out Your Lighting

Good lighting is critical to the success of basement renovations. The basement remodeling company can provide recommendations of lighting styles that fit your design plans. You may also consider some architectural lighting to spruce up the staircase. You may also have to call in a certified electrician to confirm that your electrical system can handle the new additions.

Basement renovations are fun ways to add space to your home using the existing areas in the house. Elk Stone Inc. can help you come up with attractive architectural designs for your basement upgrades. Call us today for a free estimate for your Colorado basement.

How To Choose The Right Basement Remodeling Company

How To Choose The Right Basement Remodeling Company

basement remodeling


For most households, the basement is a non-essential part of their home. However, it doesn’t just have to be a dull storage space. Basement remodeling or finishing can help create a stunning and attractive living space for your family to hang out.

The largest factor that can affect the outcome of your finishing or renovation project is the contractor that you pick. Here are five tips to help you make the right choice.

1. Licenses and Permits

The first item that you should tick off your list is to confirm that the contractor operates a legitimate business through their credentials. Ask them to provide a copy of an active license provided by the state contractor’s board.

Basement remodeling projects often require permits to ensure that you abide by local building codes. The renovation contractor should assist you in getting all the permits required.

2. Specialization

Another aspect of concern should be their experience as a basement remodeling company. Find out their specialization as a renovation contractor and how long they have been in business. Go through their online portfolio with pictures from recent projects and check whether the quality of their work meets your standards.

3. Insurance Cover

Like any contracting job, basement remodeling carries a significant degree of risk for damage or accidents. You may need to find an insured contractor to complete your dream family living space.

The basement finisher should hold a general liability cover and a worker’s compensation plan. General liability protects your property if any of the technicians end up damaging part of your home. Worker’s compensation protects you from out-of-pocket costs for the medical expenses of any worker that may get injured while at your home.

4. Costs

You may need to first think through what you wish to have in your ideal basement rooms. Request and compare the multiple quotes from different renovation contractors and find the one that fits within your budget. While the price is a vital factor, you ought to consider quality, expertise, and trustworthiness first.

5. Reputation

To find a reputable contractor to finish your basement, browse through their website to get a feel of how they conduct their business. Take a look at their work ethic, recently completed projects, and past clients’ reviews. You may expand the research further to online review platforms to ensure that you find the right company for the job.

Basement remodeling and finishing can be an exciting way to create an extra living space for your family. ElkStone Inc. can help you transform your basement, creating attractive spaces that your family and friends will love. Contact us for a free, no-obligation estimate for your Colorado basement.

How Can I Renovate My Basement Into a Cozy Room?

How Can I Renovate My Basement Into a Cozy Room?

basement redesign

A basement redesign is among the most valuable renovations you can do. A report by Home Advisor suggests up to a 70% return on investment for an average basement remodel. Apart from that, basement remodels add utility and functionality to your home. Here are a few useful tips if you are considering turning your basement into a cozy room.

1. Pick Your Style and Go for Neutral Colors

Be clear on what you want before you begin your basement redesign project. If you settle for a cozy interior, it may include incorporating wood furniture and floors or even a fireplace.

White paint is an ideal choice for a basement. Even though many people consider it bland, it can dramatically brighten the room. Neutral colors infuse an air of tranquility that makes the room feel cozy. You can make your basement redesign pop by layering with soft and neutral hues.

You can also let the amount of light in the room influence your choice of color. For spacious rooms, use the same palette you have in your home. Add at most two dominant colors and maintain the consistency of the palette to promote a sense of unity.

2. Use Artwork and Decor Creatively

Using artwork and decor is a great way to incorporate aspects of your personality into your basement redesign. Think of items that will make the room warm and tranquil. It could be a photograph of a plant or a large piece of abstract artwork. Use lots of fuzzy pillows and fresh linen.

3. Flooring Options

In an inadequately heated room, ceramic tiles can be cold underfoot. While it may seem like a suitable option to use wood for basement family rooms, it can be prone to damage. Moisture rising from under the slab can be problematic for your wooden flooring, too. Professional basement renovators can help to mitigate the risk of water damage. For your basement remodeling project, you can go for options such as engineered wood or laminate tile. A fluffy rug is an ideal option to warm your flooring and make the room cozy and elegant.

4. Optimize Light and Space

If space is an issue, then lighting will be one of the most critical aspects of your basement redesign. A creative layering of different types of light fixtures can optimize the illumination. You can include pendants, scones, and task lamps to optimize the lighting, too. Overhead recessed lighting is especially ideal.

Consider using full-length curtains for a more spacious feel as well. They make the windows appear larger while bringing out the colors and ambiance of the room.

It’s Time to Start Remodeling

A basement redesign project can turn a drab and gloomy basement into a cozy and elegant room. If you’re unsure of where to start on your renovation, consider reaching out to your local basement renovation contractors at ElkStone Homes today.

The Top Trends for Basement Remodeling in 2021

The Top Trends for Basement Remodeling in 2021

basement bar

The lockdown has forced homeowners to turn their attention to their living space. It is one of the reasons why basement renovations are becoming popular. That’s because they are more cost-effective than moving to a larger house. A basic renovation is approximately $35 per foot, which translates to $35,000. That means that you are able to turn a space that was probably not being used into something more valuable, like a gaming room, home theater, bar, and much more. In this article, we’ll explore the latest trends to help you find ideas that are of great value to your home.

Open Spaces for Socialization

One of the hot basement remodeling trends is open spaces to encourage movement. Walling off parts of the room can make the basement feel small and congested. You can create zones by creatively using furniture, carpets, and rugs.

The open concept can also optimize the use of natural light to improve illumination. The design can maximize the space without taking a square foot of space for partitions. It also cuts down on materials and the expense of redesigning the layout to accommodate walls.

TV and Entertainment Hangout Area

Another advantage of the open concept is that it facilitates socialization. As a result, homeowners are using the layout for TV and entertainment areas over the traditional home theater. The design is more informal than a cinema room and has decor and furnishings similar to a living room.

The open concept TV room may feature multiple screens for watching sports games on weekends with friends. Variations of the concept may include a basement bar or kitchenette. Enthusiasts tend to favor the immersive feel of a theater. But fans prefer the TV room idea as it encourages camaraderie and interactions.

Furnished Guest Suites

You can turn the basement into an extra room for your guests, complete with the latest modern furnishings. It can serve as a room for a senior looking for assisted living options. The idea has become more popular as retirees seek to age in place.

With guest rooms, the renovation can vary in complexity. The most basic involves adding a bathroom and a bedroom. Depending on your budget, you can include a basement bar or a lounge area. While such additions may be costly, they can increase the value of your home.

Home Spa and Gym

Another basement finishing trend involves incorporating a gym and a spa into your home. Restrictions on movement in recent months are compelling homeowners to start a gym to promote their health.

One advantage of turning your basement into a gym is that you can add equipment according to your needs. In other words, you start with a few workout machines. Whenever you are ready, you can add more equipment to the open space. Remember, chances are, once you begin your gym routine at home, it’s easier for other family members to join in and also enjoy the health benefits of exercising.

Mini-Auditorium for the Family

If your family loves taking part in group activities and music, you should consider a mini-auditorium. It can be a place for karaoke or for playing musical instruments. Soundproofing is an essential aspect of this basement upgrade.

Whether you are building a basement bar or a home theater, you can find a concept that works for your home. For the best results, take time to work on the layout and design before commencing the renovation project.

What Are the Structural Challenges of a Basement Remodeling Project?

What Are the Structural Challenges of a Basement Remodeling Project?

basement finishing companies

Basements can be rented out for 50% to 70% of the monthly mortgage cost if it has provisions for multi-tenant use. But whether you want to turn it into a rental or you want to customize it for yourself, basement remodeling can be challenging and requires a professional basement finishing company.

During renovations, you’ll have to deal with structural issues and other problems like moisture accumulation. In this article, we’ll consider some of the common basement finishing challenges and how to address them.

Cracks in the Foundation

The main challenge with cracks is that, when they’re caused by foundation issues, they can continue to expand due to the shifting soil under the building. If you notice that the door and windows don’t close completely, your home’s foundation may be weakening. Remember, organizing an inspection before basement remodeling will minimize the risk of structural problems in the future.

When renovating parts of your home, it is advisable to start by checking for cracks on the foundation. You can consult basement finishing companies about repairing the floor before the remodeling project.

Sunlight and Lighting Fixtures

One of the challenges of a basement remodeling project is lighting. You can boost the illumination by incorporating different types of light fixtures. You may add a window if the basement is above ground to take advantage of sunlight.

You can also boost illumination by Incorporating a bright palette for the interior. White and neutral colors can make the room feel relaxed and airy. That’s why you ought to consider the layout before consulting basement finishing companies for renovations.

Low Ceiling Height

A low ceiling height can complicate your basement finishing project. The interior is bound to be dark and gloomy, thanks to the numerous shadows cast across the room. Most building codes stipulate a minimum height of seven feet for livable space.

If lighting is the most crucial challenge, consider changing the color of the ceiling. White or neutrals that reflect light can liven a bland interior. It is advisable to avoid wall lamps as they cast shadows that diminish the illumination.

Insulation for the Wall and Floors

The basement ought to have suitable insulation for your climate and conforms to local building codes. Insulation prevents the buildup of moisture that may trigger mold growth, which could damage parts of your property.

Basement finishing companies can guide you on the type of material suitable for your home. Most local codes regulation requires insulation of at least R-8 for the floor. Some concrete floors may not need insulation depending on the area of exposure, so prior evaluation is essential.

Ventilation and Energy Efficiency

Ventilation is not only necessary for comfort, but it also facilitates the expulsion of excess moisture. The type of materials you use can facilitate airflow by capturing vapor and reducing humidity. The floor must be airtight to prevent water from escaping into your home.


The adjustments will depend on the type of renovation. Whether you plan to add a kitchen or wet bar, an evaluation is necessary to ensure the project’s success. It is always advisable to consult a professional from a basement finishing company.

What Are the Benefits of Adding a Fireplace to My Finished Basement?

What Are the Benefits of Adding a Fireplace to My Finished Basement?

A finished basement can increase your home’s square footage in a substantive way. However, if you really want to give your finished basement a facelift, a new fireplace design is a great way to do it. Here are a few key ways that a fireplace can help to improve the overall aesthetic of your finished basement.

A Fireplace Adds Cozines

Many homeowners looking into a basement renovation decide to transform their basement into a large family room. A fireplace is a great addition to a basement family room because it instantly adds a sense of homeyness to the space. What’s more, there are a variety of fireplace designs available so you can find the fireplace design that meets your personal style and the style of your home’s architecture.

A Fireplace Provides Warmth

A key part of your basement renovation is ensuring that the space gets plenty of warmth. This is primarily done through insulation and ventilation. However, adding a fireplace is another great way to ensure your finished basement stays comfortable and warm. A gas fireplace, in particular, gives you all the warmth of a traditional fireplace with none of the maintenance and cleanup. You can use this fireplace design to keep your finished basement pleasant and warm.

A Fireplace Adds a Focal Point

It’s no secret that a finished basement is an enormous space, which can make you feel a little lost when the time comes to decorate. With a fireplace design, you can create a special focal point for the room. Your fireplace design can add plenty of personality to the space, too. Include a couple of logs next to the hearth and display some of your special family treasures on the fireplace’s mantel shelf.

By adding a fireplace to your finished basement, you can not only add a great design feature to your newly renovated basement but you can also add even more value to your home. Even without a fireplace installed, a finished basement has a return on investment of up to 70%. Imagine what a modern fireplace can do for your home’s value. Interested in learning more about the different fireplace designs we have to offer for your finished basement? Contact Elkstone Basements today.

The Top 3 Reasons to Remodel Your Basement

The Top 3 Reasons to Remodel Your Basement

When it comes to finishing a basement, a common question is ‘why?’. Many homeowners may want a basement remodel for a variety of reasons. From desiring a new basement family room to wanting more space in your home, there is no limit to reasons for renovating a basement. Whether you are thinking about installing a basement wet bar or want to increase the ROI on your home, keep reading to find out some of the top reasons to remodel your basement.

1. Financial benefits

One of the more common reasons for renovating or finishing a basement is the immense financial benefits. Although adding a basement wet bar might not seem like a money saver at first, a finished basement can vastly increase the value of your home. Your ROI will vary depending on your area and the size of your basement but could be up to 80%. The financial benefits of finishing a basement are so popular that the ever-growing home remodeling market is worth about $450 billion right now. Additionally, a finished basement may allow you to rent out your basement and earn even more money.

2. Increased space

Another benefit of remodeling or finishing your basement is the increase in liveable space you will get. Not only will a basement wet bar or home theatre look nice, but they can function as extra space in your home. If you need extra space in your home, consider having a basement renovation instead of looking for a new house. Not only will this save time and money, but it will be much cheaper too. The best part is that you can use the space for whatever you want, from a gaming area to an art studio to a home office.

3. Improved home health

One of the more surprising benefits of having a basement renovation is a possible increase in the longevity and overall health of your home. The leaks, dampness, and coldness regularly found in unfinished basements can cause a number of issues related to the livability of your home. Instead of exposing yourself to potential issues down the line, it may be the best option to finish your basement. Finishing a basement can help make conditions safer by upgrading to waterproof and more insulating materials. Making proper upgrades and renovations to your basement can help your home stay healthy and maintain a safe and comfortable living environment.

Overall, there are many different reasons why someone may opt to undergo a basement finishing. From the financial benefits associated with a finished basement to the increased room, you will have for things like basement wet bars and fireplaces, to the improved conditions and livability of your home, finishing or remodeling a basement can always have benefits. No matter what your specific needs and goals are, consider what you might want out of a basement renovation.

4 Things You Need in a Great Basement

4 Things You Need in a Great Basement

Undergoing a basement renovation can sound a little scary at first, but the benefits can greatly outweigh the costs. In fact, finishing your basement will give you an estimated ROI of 77.6%. If space is what you are looking for, basement renovations win here, too. Remodeling a basement can cost up to 80% less than it would to buy a larger home. Whether you are considering a basement remodel or basement finishing, keep reading to find out some of the top things found in every great basement.

1. A basement wet bar

One of the most popular things to get during a basement renovation is a wet bar. This is because of how useful and nice-looking they are. Not only can a wet bar provide you with extra storage and a place to store all of your drinks, but it can also be extremely practical. Wet bars are good for eating and drinking and give you a place to have guests sit. They can be designed in any style you desire and are a practical addition to any basement.

2. A fireplace

Another popular upgrade for basements are fireplaces. A new fireplace can allow an often colder area of the house to have warmth and light. Fireplaces can be customized to match whatever style you are designing your basement in for your basement renovation. No matter if your fireplace design is more modern or traditional, or anything in between, it will make a great addition to your basement and can help keep the space feeling cozy and inviting.

3. Good seating

An important aspect of having a great basement is having good furniture. Not only do you want to have enough seating for all of your potential guests, but you also want to make sure the furniture matches the style and goals that you are looking for. For example, you will want your seating to have colors that match with the rest of the basement and be big enough for the number of guests you anticipate hanging out in your basement. While looking for seating, make sure you consider your specific needs and goals for your basement renovation.

4. An area for your interests

Lastly, one element that is sometimes forgotten in basement renovations is making space for yourself. Even if the primary goal of your basement is not for you alone, it can be nice to designate a space that you can use for your interests or hobbies. This may be especially useful if you do not have another area in your house for the things you are passionate about. Whether you are thinking about making an art space or a home theatre to watch all of your favorite movies, make sure you have a reason to enjoy your soon-to-be renovated basement.

While a basement renovation may initially seem like a lot of work, having professionals by your side and knowing what you want can make the job a lot easier. Upgrading your basement can be one of the best things you can do to increase ROI and have more useable space in your current house. When undergoing a basement renovation, consider looking into things like wet bars, fireplaces, good seating, and an area that you will be able to call your own.

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