Basement Renovation: An Affordable and Accessible Option

Basement Renovation: An Affordable and Accessible Option

basement renovation

The basement has always been a utility function within a home. It’s immediately available for storage, a place to keep foods cool and protected, and a convenient location for home utilities. A finished basement is often an unattainable dream in people’s minds. They can envision the perfect space, but they don’t believe they could ever have something like it. Especially in today’s market with high material costs, it can seem like getting a renovation is just too expensive. The truth is that basement renovations are both affordable and accessible, and you can start pursuing your dream today.

Interest Rates Are Currently Low

Whether you have a lump sum of cash ready to spend on basement remodeling or not, such a project is not out of reach. Interest rates are currently low and there are a plethora of banks out there that you only need to visit in order to take advantage of this loan market. In other words, instead of paying for the full renovation upfront, you’ll be able to pay off a loan over time and at a rate that you find comfortable. The low interest means there won’t be crazy fees on top of those regular payments. Additionally, you can always consult with the finished basement company to discuss pricing and budgets.

More Space Means More Value

A basement renovation can turn a basic, bare cement block of a basement into a useful and valuable extra space in the home. That can be an extra bedroom, an entertainment floor, an office for a small home business, or a general hobby workspace. The options are only limited by what you can think of and what you want to pursue. Such an upgrade to the home will always pay off because when it comes time to eventually sell the house, you’ll see a grand return on investment, up to 70% according to Home Advisor. Additionally, until that time comes, your own quality of life will improve as you make use of these upgraded spaces.

Avoid the Current Housing Market

A renovation is simply utilizing an existing resource in a home that’s just waiting to be unlocked. It’s quite possible for a typical basement renovation to be completed within two to three months from planning to finish. If you were looking to buy an entirely new house, you’d spend just as much time in your search alone due to the current high-demand housing market. What’s more, you get to create the exact space you want, rather than settling for whatever house you’re able to win in a bidding war. You’ll save time, money, and hassle and end up with far better results in the process.

Basement renovations are within reach. Low-interest rates make them accessible, boosting the value of your home makes them affordable, and you’ll be in control of the project while avoiding a crazy housing market. It really is a no-brainer. And once you’ve decided to pursue this kind of project, you’ll get all the help you need from the experts. So what are you waiting for? Reach out to ElkStone Homes today!

7 Mistakes to Avoid During a Basement Fireplace Construction

7 Mistakes to Avoid During a Basement Fireplace Construction

fireplace construction

There’s arguably nothing more comforting than curling up beside the crackling fireplace hearth on cold evenings. A fireplace construction in your basement may not only enhance the room’s aesthetics but also increase the value of your home considerably.

While fireplaces are excellent additions to any home, a proper installation is necessary to avoid any liabilities at a later stage. Here are costly errors that you may need to watch out for during your fireplace construction.

1. Incorrect Sizing

Sizing may be one of the easiest pitfalls to avoid yet still catches a majority of homeowners out. Fireplace construction is all about planning and details. You may need to be 100% certain that you’ve chosen the correct unit that fits within your basement space. Too small a hearth may require you to build around it, while you may have to return the massive fireboxes to the manufacturer. To avoid sizing issues with pre-made fireboxes, you may opt for custom fireplace construction from experienced contractors.

2. Not Knowing Your Fireplace

Over 50% of the houses in the market are over 40 years old. Chances are that your home already has an outdated fireplace installation in place. Whether replacing your old basement hearth or opting for a new fireplace construction, you may need to learn about its construction from the flue down to the chimney and burners. You may need to watch out for fireplaces that don’t fit central to the chimney breast. There should also be enough clearance between the vent pipe and wood framing. Structural complexities may require a professional installation by licensed fireplace companies.

3. Lack of a Proper Air Source

It is critical to have a permanent and properly-size air intake for your fireplace unit. You may need correct ducting to ensure that your fire receives the combustion air it needs to prevent smoke and carbon monoxide build-up. If you have trouble designing, you can consult professional designers from fireplace companies in Colorado Springs.

4. Insufficient Clearances

The room where the construction takes place should be adequately clear of all obstructions such as stored goods or furniture. The clearance area around the hearth must also be safe for operation and maintenance activities, along with allowing access to gas supply lines, electrical conduits, and other ventilation equipment in the future.

5. Placing the Hearth in a Wet Location

A fireplace installation must take place on a suitable combustible base that can support the weight of the unit and its contents. Building it near water pipes or on wet soil may result in severe damage, while fireplaces installed over concrete subfloors are susceptible to cracking. To ensure that these errors don’t occur, you may work with professional contractors.

6. Improper Insulation Around the Fireplace

There is an increasing interest in better energy efficiency for modern homes as a whole. It may require proper insulation measures that ensure outdoor temperatures have a minimal effect on your indoor environment. Most gas and wood-burning fireplaces have a standoff system that can result in the hearth not extending right up to your glass fireplace door. Gaps around your fireplace opening can lead to smoke hazards, or worse, become a fire hazard. Expert installers can preemptively spot the error, placing mortar or steel abutment to correctly size it.

7. Not Having a Professional Installation for Your Gas Fire Insert

Most states require a valid permit and professional installation for all gas-related works. A fireplace construction that uses natural gas as the fuel source requires a particular two-tube set-up to function properly. You may need to hire fireplace experts with certifications to work on gas lines.

A fireplace construction in your basement is a fairly complex project. You can easily avoid the errors indicated above by hiring licensed fireplace installation companies to complete your basement renovation. To schedule a free consultation to discuss your new hearth ideas, reach out to ElkStone.

7 Vital Questions to Ask When Adding a Basement Wet Bar

7 Vital Questions to Ask When Adding a Basement Wet Bar

basement wet bars

Most American households regard their basements as a non-essential section of the home. However, your basement doesn’t have to remain a dull storage space. Basement remodeling or finishing can help create attractive living spaces for your family and friends. Real estate experts indicate that finishing your basement may provide you with an ROI of 77.6%.

Basement wet bars are among the most popular home improvement projects. With plumbing lines already in place, you can choose to add an icemaker, refrigerator, dishwasher, and other appliances, as your space and budget permit.

Here are five questions to guide you on the right design for your basement wet bars.

1. How Much Space Do You Need?

You may need to determine the space you wish to allocate to the wet bar. Do you envision your family and friends gathered around on stools, or is it a staging area for drinks and snacks to be consumed in other parts of the basement? Determining the functionality of the basement wet bars can help you accurately decide the countertop size and cabinetry to use.

2. LED, Fluorescent, or Incandescent?

A key feature of any basement remodels is the lighting. Your light features may need to be subdued but with brighter track lights over the workbench. Pendant lighting is a popular option, providing homeowners with a great deal of flexibility on style, height, and shade types. Recessed lighting, LED strips, or fluorescent lights can help create ambiance on the work surfaces, shelves, and the general area around the bar.

3. What Flooring Types Work Best With Basement Wet Bars?

You may need to choose durable flooring options for your wet bar. Given the proximity of basement wet bars to sinks and the likelihood of foods and beverages served to spill, you may need easy-to-clean, water-proof flooring. You can consider sealed wooden floors, stone, or expensive tiles that would easily blend with your home’s aesthetics.

4. Do You Need a Full-sized Refrigerator?

Most basement wet bars incorporate a refrigeration unit of some kind in the overall design. A mini-refrigerator is an excellent option to hold beverages and food supplies if you are short of space. However, if you do a lot of entertainment or your family spends more time in the basement, it is advisable to get a full-sized refrigerator.

5. What About Seating?

There are many different options to choose from when it comes to adding seating around the wet bar. If you have a larger basement, you may opt for built-in sofas or other furniture that your family and friends can enjoy while hanging out in the space. You can also choose to add bar stools, which are small and easy to install.

6. Are There Electrical Considerations?

Adding electrical outlets near the wet bar is important, especially if you opt for pendant lighting or other fixtures that would require direct power access. You may need to extend a few feet of wire from existing electrical boxes and hang them under your countertop area or above the cabinets. It’s also crucial to include sufficient power capabilities for refrigerators and dishwashers on top of charging electronic devices like smartphones and tablets.

7. What Other Features Do You Wish to Include?

A basement remodeling company may recommend a wide range of storage, sitting, and entertainment features that can accentuate your space. You can opt for ready-made cabinetry and bar stools as a starting point for your basement renovation. The storage options should be durable with easy-to-clean surfaces. Open shelving can help add interest and aesthetics to the design. The seating should be comfortable and should blend well with the overall basement wet bar design. For a true sports bar feel, you may need to incorporate a TV to catch all the action. Consider the placement of the television to maximize visibility while on the wet bar stools.

Basement wet bars are among the most popular upgrades homeowners can carry out. The questions above can guide you in achieving your vision for the space. You can contact ElkStone Inc. to help transform your Colorado basement into a fantastic wet bar that your family can enjoy. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation estimate.

How to Turn Your Finished Basement Into an Entertainment Space

How to Turn Your Finished Basement Into an Entertainment Space

basement entertainment space

Turning your finished basement into a basement entertainment space involves adding things that are personal to you and your preferred entertainment taste. We all prefer different forms of entertainment and have distinct tastes in how we go about letting off steam, and this should form the basis of remodels done to the basement. Here are a few ways you can turn your basement into a basement entertainment space that will give you (and your guests) joy.


Personalizing an entertainment space to suit your needs may call for custom designs. After you have identified the form of entertainment that fits your lifestyle, get the help of relevant professionals in customizing the space. Whether you are fond of hosting parties, playing games, or simply relaxing movie nights with your loved ones, then your freshly finished basement can be custom-tuned to fit your entertainment choice. For instance, if you enjoy sharing a cocktail or beer with friends, installing a basement wet bar may be ideal.

Adequate Lighting

Basements receive minimal to no natural lighting. With this in mind, it is important to find the best artificial lighting for you. The type, color, and intensity of the light will be determined by the use of this entertainment space. Party spaces, for instance, could benefit from recessed lighting, lamps, and other lighting choices.

Avoid Clutter

Most people tend to use the basement as a storage space for old, unused, but hard-to-let-go items. For your newly finished basement, you can change this old practice and add a spark of life to it by removing clutter. You could add shelves for storage and hold garage sales to reduce whatever clutter you can. If you have kids or family that visits often, the importance of the basement space will be hard to ignore.


When you think of an entertainment lounge, your first thought is probably comfort. This means that if you want to create a great basement entertainment space, you need to make it comfortable. Cozy, fluffy seating in warm colors is one of the things you need to add to make your basement fun and inviting.

With the home remodeling market estimated to be worth $450 billion and expected to grow, you are bound to find experts who specialize in working on each room and at every level. This ensures great quality as the professionals available will have a good amount of relevant experience under their belts. If you’re looking to transform your finished basement into the ultimate entertainment space, contact ElkStone Homes today.

Basement Remodeling Trends to Expect in 2022

Basement Remodeling Trends to Expect in 2022

basement remodel

For a long time, basements have been considered dark, damp spaces fit for storage and not used as livable spaces. This, however, is changing fast with many people remodeling their basements to get an extra room for their activities. Read on to see some basement remodel trends that may inspire you to take the step and begin remodeling.

An Open Concept Design

The open concept design is growing steadily in popularity, with many homeowners breaking down walls to create wide-open, free-flowing spaces. Basements are expansive by nature, and so it is possible to create multi-purpose spaces that are all open to each other. With small basements, you have the advantage of not using up space with partition walls.

Cozy and Comfortable Design

To give your guests the ultimate privacy and comfort, it is a good idea to cozy up the basement, adding a bedroom, wet bar, washroom, and more. If space is not an issue, a full bedroom could be complemented by a lounge and even a kitchenette.

Home Gyms and Spas

Your basement remodel could include the essentials of a gym, giving your family the best gym experience as well as cutting down on gym memberships and excuses! If there is enough room left, you can add a spa with a steam shower and sauna.

Walkout Basements

A popular idea for basements that have at least one side exposed, this amazing basement remodel will wow all your guests and increase the value of your basement. If the basement was constructed partially submerged, this is an easier remodel than if it wasn’t but it is still possible to recreate it as long as you get the relevant permissions. The key benefits of this include more natural light due to the ability to add doors and windows to the exposed wall.

A Home Office

Anyone who has tried working from home knows just how much focus and discipline it calls for. From endless trips to and from the fridge to have to keep sending your children away if you have any, a simple task can become insurmountable. With a home office, you have a space in which you can enforce rules to make sure you work undistracted until it is time for a break.

Since the 1950s, the standard American home has just about doubled in size, with an average size of almost 2,500 square feet. Make good use of all this space by ensuring every inch of it is livable.

Important Reasons to Hire a Pro to Finish Your Basement

Important Reasons to Hire a Pro to Finish Your Basement

finished basement company

The basement is an underutilized space in many households. This is a shame because there is so much potential in a livable basement, from using it as a dedicated entertainment room to converting it into your children’s playing area. Here are some important reasons why you should consider hiring a professional to finish your basement.

A Qualified Contractor Works Fast

While you probably don’t have a timeline by which you need the project to be ready, having it finished fast has many pros. Most people taking it on as a DIY project for weekends and days off take an extremely long time to finish it, and this is time that could have been spent doing something else.

Flood Control

Basements are synonymous with flooding because many basements are constructed below the local water table. A basement contractor will not only take steps to ensure your basement does not flood, but they will also fix damages like leaking pipes so you can be assured of a good job all around. It beats the purpose of revamping your basement only to have to spend time and money cleaning puddles up every time it rains.

A Finished Basement Company Knows the Necessary Permits

Working with a professional will keep you safe from potential permit pitfalls. There are many codes and regulations that have to be met, and the average homeowner may not be aware of them all. While each municipality will have its own specific codes, a few include treating any lumber touching the floor to prevent decay and creating a vapor barrier between frames and walls.

Quality Is Assured

With basement remodels costing anywhere between $15,000 to $100,000 to finish, it is something that you need to make sure gets done right the first time. A good finished basement company will do a good job, saving you from costly repetitions and do-overs. Things like having floating walls to allow for concrete floors to heave without causing damage to your houses’ structure may not be within most people’s know-how.

Because finishing your basement professionally can cost about 80% less than purchasing a bigger home, you can take this advantage to increase your livable space by hiring a finished basement company to convert a cold, empty basement into a room fit to host guests.

How Finishing Your Basement Increase Your ROI

How Finishing Your Basement Increase Your ROI

Real estate experts say that finishing your basement will give you an ROI of 77.6%. This is higher than most home improvement projects. In addition, a finished basement can be converted into anything from an additional bedroom, a playroom, or a basement family room. This means this project will not only increase the value of your property but it will also increase your home satisfaction. Read on to find out how finishing your basement increases your ROI.

Increase Living Space

Everyone loves space. Unless you plan to live in your house forever, you must think about whether there is enough space in the house for it to be appealing enough to buyers one day. Finishing your basement is a great way to increase the amount of space in your house. This project will help you to achieve this without having to make a home addition. By finishing your basement today, you will effectively increase your home’s amount of living space and make it more appealing to buyers later on.

Additional Bedroom

It can be a struggle to find space for an additional bedroom in your home, especially if you have a large family or if you receive a lot of visitors. Finishing your basement allows you to create another bedroom. You can even turn the basement into two additional bedrooms. This means that by completing that project alone, you will add two more rooms to your property.

Houses With a Finished Basement Sell for More

Sometimes you will only realize your return on investment when you sell your home. Fortunately, homes with a finished basement sell for more than those without. Statistics show that finishing a basement will award you an ROI of more than 70%. For instance, if you spend about $1,000 on a basement finishing project, the value of your home will increase by no less than $700.

Finishing your basement is a great way to boost the release value of your property while increasing the amount of reusable space for your comfort. If you consider adding a basement family room, find a reliable construction company to do the job for you. Most contractors will give you a fast, free estimate to get you started!

Simple Tips to Brighten Up Your Finished Basement

Simple Tips to Brighten Up Your Finished Basement

basement finishing company

It’s possible to have a bright basement with just a few easy tweaks. This is especially worthwhile after you have finished your basement renovation. After all, with the current average cost for a basic basement renovation at about $35 per square foot, you owe it to yourself to ensure the room is in the best form after the basement finishing company has left. Here are a few simple tips you can use to brighten your finished basement below.

Repaint the Walls With a Brighter Color

This is an obvious way to make your basement seem brighter. The good news is, it’s a quick and easy fix. However, while bright colors are great, it’s important to avoid colors that are too bright since they may be jarring to look at such as bright yellow. Instead, focus on more neutral hues such as white, light gray, or pastels.

Add Reflective Surfaces

Reflective surfaces can instantly brighten up your basement by reflecting light all around it. To start with, you could add large wall mirrors, which can also visually expand your space. You can experiment with other mirror designs, too, such as mirrored shelving. Other reflective surfaces that can brighten your basement include glossy countertops, shiny decorative vases, and metal light fixtures.

Improve the Lighting

This includes both natural and artificial lighting. Adding larger windows with white frames can be a great way to let more natural light in. This can even be done by your basement finishing company. Be sure to use sheer window coverings instead of heavy drapes that block light. When it comes to lights, recessed lights, track lights, and accent lights will really boost the brightness of your basement.

Add Light Flooring, Bright Furniture and Accessories

Generally, light wood flooring with a reflective shine can help brighten your space as well as making it feel cozier. The same goes for bright furniture, such as a yellow couch or a beige recliner. Additionally, simple accessories like bright art and carpeting can do the trick.

With these few simple tips, you can turn your finished basement into a welcoming and inviting space. Ask your basement finishing company to add some features mentioned above such as windows and flooring. Brightening up your basement not only makes it more appealing but will also increase the ROI should you ever decide to sell. Contact ElkStone Basements today for more information on how you can make your finished basement brighter.

How Can I Get My Finished Basement Ready for Summer?

How Can I Get My Finished Basement Ready for Summer?

basement finishing company

Summertime is a time for fun, but you also need to watch out for the excessive heat and other problems brought about by the changing seasons. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that you and your home are ready. One space you need to put more effort into is the finished basement. Home Advisor suggests that an average basement remodel can have a 70% return on investment, but you need to do a little bit of seasonal upkeep to make the most out of your basement.

You will need to do several things to ensure that your finished basement is ready for summer. If you don’t, you might find that you will spend summer dealing with seasonal hazards instead of having a good time. So here are some tips to prepare your basement for summer.

Bring Some Fresh Air Downstairs

Summer can be quite hot. Therefore, you must find ways to bring some cool air to your finished basement. While you might want to spend a lot of time outside in the pool or hang out with friends, sometimes you just want to stay inside and have some toned-down fun.

If you have converted your finished basement into a room you can spend time in, you will want it to be nice and cool so you can decompress. One effective way to bring lots of cool air to your basement is to install one or several window fans.

Watch Out for Leaks

It is not unlikely to experience some heavy rain during the summer. As such, you want to ensure that your basement is floodproof. First, you must inspect all the nooks and crannies to ensure no cracks and weak spots. Also, check out the floor, walls, and foundation to see any cracks and indications of moisture. If you notice any, quickly seal them up. You can also cover cracks with caulk, after which you will need to insulate accordingly. Your basement finishing company can help you waterproof your basement to ensure no moisture or leaks make their way into your newly finished living space.

Consider Installing Dehumidifiers

Apart from being blazing hot, summer is also the most humid season of the year. Because of this, even when you waterproof your basement, your house can still become muggy. Air conditioning systems typically keep this humidity under control by pulling the moisture from the air. But if your basement is cool enough on its own, chances are you don’t have an AC down there to dehumidify the space. You can combat humidity in your basement by installing a dehumidifier. This small tool can be installed to drain consistently. This means you won’t be faced with the task of emptying the bucket every day.

Your finished basement is a lovely space to chill and even invite some friends over during the summer. That is why you must ensure that it’s very comfortable and homey. Consult our basement finishing company, ElkStone Basements, for more tips on how to make sure your basement comfortable this summer.

Beautiful Basement Renovation: Ceiling Design

Beautiful Basement Renovation: Ceiling Design

basement renovations The home remodeling market is worth an estimated and incredible $450 billion. What’s more, it’s only expected to grow, so it goes without saying that many homeowners are invested in improving the aesthetic appeal and value of their living space. Even basements are not left out when it comes to remodeling projects. In this article, we’re going to be looking at basement renovations, more specifically, ceiling designs for basement renovations.

Painted Ceilings

Painted ceilings are one of the most cost-effective options available for anyone planning to renovate their basement ceiling. They are a particularly great idea if you want an easy way to hide pipes and ductwork. However, this works best if the space is being used for something less sophisticated like storage. Important tips to remember when implementing this idea is that darker colors tend to work best for hiding imperfections, while lighter colors help to make the basement feel more spacious.

Drop Ceilings

Drop ceilings are also referred to as suspended ceilings. They involve a metal grid that’s suspended on wires attached to joists. A drop ceiling offers benefits such as masking of pipes and ductwork, a soundproofed environment, easy installation, as well as the ability to install recessed lighting. The good news is, your drop ceiling need not be plain, as there are many cool designs to choose from, such as framed effects, using decorative pressed metal, or dropping only the center of the ceiling.

Ceiling Panels

Panels are easy to install and a bit more sophisticated than just using paint. There are many ceiling panel varieties to choose from, depending on the color and texture you want. For instance, you may opt for tongue and groove sheet paneling, which is available in pine, oak, or other materials. To refine the look, you can accent your panels with some decorative molding.

Ceilings With Box Beams

A box beam has no structural function, but it can add a sophisticated look to your basement ceiling. It’s typically made from three boards nailed together, which allows pipes and ductwork to run under the hollow channel. A beamed ceiling is especially attractive if your basement has tall ceilings. You can use the additional lighting options to create a more elegant environment.

Basement renovations can be fun, and using these ceiling design ideas will help you nail your project.

Awesome Bar Design Ideas for Your Renovated Basement

Awesome Bar Design Ideas for Your Renovated Basement

basement bar designs Most basements are left unused and unfinished, while some are used to store everyone’s unwanted junk. If you come to think of it, this is a waste of space that can be transformed into an awesome extra room. It’s always best to finish or remodel your basement. This project alone costs 80% less than buying a new home. Also, transforming your basement will increase the value of your home. Here are some awesome basement bar designs.

The Man Cave

This is a must-have for the man of the house. Remodel your basement into a bar that has a man cave style. The bar can be set up in a corner; then, you add a sitting space with a big-screen television. You can also throw in some gaming space, a pool table, or a dealer’s table. Choose rest the style and décor with what suits you best.

Vintage Look

If you are fascinated by vintage, then you have the opportunity to remodel your basement into a bar that has a vintage look. This is one of the best basement bar designs. It can be inspired by old cowboy movies or old English bars. You can have bar stools and rustic tables for that cowboy saloon appeal or have plush stools and low-hanging lights to give it an old English feel.

Stone Look

This is one of the basement bar designs you can go for. If you are a fan of stonework, then this design is for you. The bar countertop can be built using stone, giving your bar that outdoorsy feeling. Adding a little greenery to the countertop also enhances the whole outdoor look.

The Farmhouse Look

Imagine a farmhouse theme for your remodeled basement bar. To achieve this look, you can install a wooden ceiling and floor and get some wheel-spoke wall cabinet design for storing liquor and the eye-catcher, a beer-cask tap.

Wooden Look

Wood will never go out of fashion, so why not give your remodeled basement bar a wooden theme? Imagine deep redwood for your bar stools and wall cabinet, giving your bar a simple and clean design. You can even add wood paneling to the walls and wooden framed memorabilia to complete the woody look.

To have the best basement bar design, make sure you add the right lighting that goes hand-in-hand with your selected theme.

Top 5 Wet Bar Basement Finishing Ideas

Top 5 Wet Bar Basement Finishing Ideas

Your basement has a lot of potential other than being a dull and bland storage area. There are many remodeling ideas you can use to turn the room into a viable living space. If you are planning on building a basement bar, here are a few trendy ideas.

1. Stand Out with Eye-catching Countertops

A basement bar can start to feel like a kitchen, especially if you have quartz, granite, or marble countertops. One way to overcome the design issue is to install unique countertops that make the interior stand out.

You can choose from a wide variety of countertops, depending on whether you want a classy or casual design. You could opt for other materials such as wood, glass, onyx, slate, among others.

2. Basement Bar with Floating Shelves

A couple of simple shelves can add versatility to your basement bar. Your primary objective should be to create functional spaces that are durable and sturdy.

You can find spaces around walls for your shelves. Floating shelves are some of the trendy options you can incorporate into your basement finishing design. They are suitable for small rooms, and they are not intrusive. They have a minimalist effect that will complement your home improvement design.

3. A Cost-Effective Industrial Basement Finish

If you want a unique aesthetic for your basement bar, consider an industrial finish. It is suitable for small places, and homeowners often pair it with rustic elements. It involves using wood or metal, and you can incorporate corrugated metal sheets in the design.

The beauty of the industrial design is the materials are readily available. It, therefore, makes for an affordable renovation project for home improvement.

4. Night Club Vibe with Futuristic Design

If you want to infuse a nightclub ambiance, you can try the futuristic design. The aesthetics of the bar may resemble a spaceship’s interior. Futuristic elements may include details with sleek metal finish or angular fixtures.

5. Consider Integrating Wine Storage

Ideally, you should store wine in low temperatures of 50 to 60 degrees. The environment must have low levels of humidity and preferably no light. You may need to build a rack to ensure you store the wine bottles on their side.

You can include different types of racks to fit the design of your home improvement project. You can add a glass door to the storage for a classy elegance that matches a modern style.

Creating a Family-friendly Basement Interior

Rather than have a bar, you can turn the space into a comfortable environment for the whole family. The basement can be a game or entertainment room with family-friendly features.

Developing the entertainment area may involve making counters that are easy for children to reach. You can also have comfortable seating when watching sports or playing games. Consider adding storage spaces for storing board games, DVDs, portable devices, and coloring books.

According to statistics, more than half of all homes are more than 40 years old. That means many of them are not compliant with regulations. Before commencing your home improvement project, ensure that the basement is suitable for remodeling. A professional evaluation will give you the peace of mind you need to oversee a successful renovation. If you are looking to have a new basement wet bar, call ElkStone Basements for a free, no-obligation estimate.

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