Beautiful Basement Renovation: Ceiling Design

Beautiful Basement Renovation: Ceiling Design

basement renovations The home remodeling market is worth an estimated and incredible $450 billion. What’s more, it’s only expected to grow, so it goes without saying that many homeowners are invested in improving the aesthetic appeal and value of their living space. Even basements are not left out when it comes to remodeling projects. In this article, we’re going to be looking at basement renovations, more specifically, ceiling designs for basement renovations.

Painted Ceilings

Painted ceilings are one of the most cost-effective options available for anyone planning to renovate their basement ceiling. They are a particularly great idea if you want an easy way to hide pipes and ductwork. However, this works best if the space is being used for something less sophisticated like storage. Important tips to remember when implementing this idea is that darker colors tend to work best for hiding imperfections, while lighter colors help to make the basement feel more spacious.

Drop Ceilings

Drop ceilings are also referred to as suspended ceilings. They involve a metal grid that’s suspended on wires attached to joists. A drop ceiling offers benefits such as masking of pipes and ductwork, a soundproofed environment, easy installation, as well as the ability to install recessed lighting. The good news is, your drop ceiling need not be plain, as there are many cool designs to choose from, such as framed effects, using decorative pressed metal, or dropping only the center of the ceiling.

Ceiling Panels

Panels are easy to install and a bit more sophisticated than just using paint. There are many ceiling panel varieties to choose from, depending on the color and texture you want. For instance, you may opt for tongue and groove sheet paneling, which is available in pine, oak, or other materials. To refine the look, you can accent your panels with some decorative molding.

Ceilings With Box Beams

A box beam has no structural function, but it can add a sophisticated look to your basement ceiling. It’s typically made from three boards nailed together, which allows pipes and ductwork to run under the hollow channel. A beamed ceiling is especially attractive if your basement has tall ceilings. You can use the additional lighting options to create a more elegant environment.

Basement renovations can be fun, and using these ceiling design ideas will help you nail your project.

Awesome Bar Design Ideas for Your Renovated Basement

Awesome Bar Design Ideas for Your Renovated Basement

basement bar designs Most basements are left unused and unfinished, while some are used to store everyone’s unwanted junk. If you come to think of it, this is a waste of space that can be transformed into an awesome extra room. It’s always best to finish or remodel your basement. This project alone costs 80% less than buying a new home. Also, transforming your basement will increase the value of your home. Here are some awesome basement bar designs.

The Man Cave

This is a must-have for the man of the house. Remodel your basement into a bar that has a man cave style. The bar can be set up in a corner; then, you add a sitting space with a big-screen television. You can also throw in some gaming space, a pool table, or a dealer’s table. Choose rest the style and décor with what suits you best.

Vintage Look

If you are fascinated by vintage, then you have the opportunity to remodel your basement into a bar that has a vintage look. This is one of the best basement bar designs. It can be inspired by old cowboy movies or old English bars. You can have bar stools and rustic tables for that cowboy saloon appeal or have plush stools and low-hanging lights to give it an old English feel.

Stone Look

This is one of the basement bar designs you can go for. If you are a fan of stonework, then this design is for you. The bar countertop can be built using stone, giving your bar that outdoorsy feeling. Adding a little greenery to the countertop also enhances the whole outdoor look.

The Farmhouse Look

Imagine a farmhouse theme for your remodeled basement bar. To achieve this look, you can install a wooden ceiling and floor and get some wheel-spoke wall cabinet design for storing liquor and the eye-catcher, a beer-cask tap.

Wooden Look

Wood will never go out of fashion, so why not give your remodeled basement bar a wooden theme? Imagine deep redwood for your bar stools and wall cabinet, giving your bar a simple and clean design. You can even add wood paneling to the walls and wooden framed memorabilia to complete the woody look.

To have the best basement bar design, make sure you add the right lighting that goes hand-in-hand with your selected theme.

Top 5 Wet Bar Basement Finishing Ideas

Top 5 Wet Bar Basement Finishing Ideas

Your basement has a lot of potential other than being a dull and bland storage area. There are many remodeling ideas you can use to turn the room into a viable living space. If you are planning on building a basement bar, here are a few trendy ideas.

1. Stand Out with Eye-catching Countertops

A basement bar can start to feel like a kitchen, especially if you have quartz, granite, or marble countertops. One way to overcome the design issue is to install unique countertops that make the interior stand out.

You can choose from a wide variety of countertops, depending on whether you want a classy or casual design. You could opt for other materials such as wood, glass, onyx, slate, among others.

2. Basement Bar with Floating Shelves

A couple of simple shelves can add versatility to your basement bar. Your primary objective should be to create functional spaces that are durable and sturdy.

You can find spaces around walls for your shelves. Floating shelves are some of the trendy options you can incorporate into your basement finishing design. They are suitable for small rooms, and they are not intrusive. They have a minimalist effect that will complement your home improvement design.

3. A Cost-Effective Industrial Basement Finish

If you want a unique aesthetic for your basement bar, consider an industrial finish. It is suitable for small places, and homeowners often pair it with rustic elements. It involves using wood or metal, and you can incorporate corrugated metal sheets in the design.

The beauty of the industrial design is the materials are readily available. It, therefore, makes for an affordable renovation project for home improvement.

4. Night Club Vibe with Futuristic Design

If you want to infuse a nightclub ambiance, you can try the futuristic design. The aesthetics of the bar may resemble a spaceship’s interior. Futuristic elements may include details with sleek metal finish or angular fixtures.

5. Consider Integrating Wine Storage

Ideally, you should store wine in low temperatures of 50 to 60 degrees. The environment must have low levels of humidity and preferably no light. You may need to build a rack to ensure you store the wine bottles on their side.

You can include different types of racks to fit the design of your home improvement project. You can add a glass door to the storage for a classy elegance that matches a modern style.

Creating a Family-friendly Basement Interior

Rather than have a bar, you can turn the space into a comfortable environment for the whole family. The basement can be a game or entertainment room with family-friendly features.

Developing the entertainment area may involve making counters that are easy for children to reach. You can also have comfortable seating when watching sports or playing games. Consider adding storage spaces for storing board games, DVDs, portable devices, and coloring books.

According to statistics, more than half of all homes are more than 40 years old. That means many of them are not compliant with regulations. Before commencing your home improvement project, ensure that the basement is suitable for remodeling. A professional evaluation will give you the peace of mind you need to oversee a successful renovation. If you are looking to have a new basement wet bar, call ElkStone Basements for a free, no-obligation estimate.

Basement Refinishing: 5 Reasons to Opt for a Walkout Basement

Basement Refinishing: 5 Reasons to Opt for a Walkout Basement

More homeowners have been looking to add private living space to their homes. Perhaps you want to have a home office. Or you’ve been thinking of turning the room into a mother-in-law suite.

A walkout basement remodel can be suitable for a wide range of options that fit your lifestyle. In this article, we’ll outline some of the benefits of opting for the walkout design.

1. A Basement Remodel to Increase Living Space

A walkout basement is a remodel that creates an independent entry or existence. The walkout basement is part of the building that has an exit to the backyard. It can be a secluded area that is also part of the main building.

Creating a walkout room can be ideal for homeowners with pets. The basement can be an area for cleaning your pet before they get into the house. You can also turn it into a family room or workout space.

2. Create an Independent Entryway

With more people running their businesses at home, it is advisable to have an independent entryway to usher guests. A separate entrance creates a sense of independence and privacy. Other members of the household have an exit that does not cause disruptions for your business.

The extra entryway is also beneficial when you need to move your furniture in and out of the house. The large doors allow for more effortless movement of bulky items. It can also serve as an emergency exit in case of a fire. You can add space to your home while at the same time enhancing security.

3. Get More Natural Light

A walkout basement redesign typically features large windows and doors. That is in contrast to many basements that are bland, cold, and dark. Therefore, turning the space into a family room requires different kinds of lighting fixtures to increase illumination.

A walkout design takes advantage of natural light to save energy and add warmth to the interior. Sunlight is also considered to be healthier for indoor space than artificial lighting.

4. Best for Rentals and Guest Rooms

A walkout design is also an ideal choice if you want to turn your basement into rentals or guest rooms. The additional exit is beneficial for both the tenant and the homeowners. The room has more light than your average basement remodel. It, therefore, looks more like an interior room than a basement, which is more suitable for tenants.

5. Boost the Value of Your Home

It is estimated that a basement refinish can generate an ROI of 77.6%. A walkout design accrues more value than a typical basement renovation. That is because it increases your home’s living space by making the most of the building’s features. It is the best option whether you want to turn it into a wet bar or an entertainment room.

A walkout basement finishing project has several challenges depending on your building and land requirements. You should also be aware of any zoning and building code restrictions in your area. That’s why it is advisable to talk to a basement finishing company with experience in similar projects.

Easy Ways Basement Renovations Can Transform Your Home

Easy Ways Basement Renovations Can Transform Your Home

basement finisher

There is no better way to add space to your home than by basement remodeling. Not only does finishing your basement add value to your current property, but it also costs about 80% less than buying a larger home.

However, remodeling a basement is definitely a job for the professionals, so be sure to contact a basement finisher to do the job right. Keep reading to learn more about the best basement upgrades you can get from your local basement finishing company in Denver, CO: ElkStone Homes.

Basement Family Room

One of the most popular basement redesign ideas out there is a new family room. Basement renovations can include everything from a home theatre to a custom niche for your big screen TV. Basement fireplaces also add comfort and coziness to any room, and your local basement finisher can help with everything from fireplace design to choosing the electric fireplace that’s right for you. Talk to your basement finisher at ElkStone Homes to learn more about how a basement remodeling can help you achieve the family room of your dreams.

Basement Wet Bar

Want to add a bit of sophistication to your basement remodel? Then consider adding a new wet bar. Whether your wet bar is the centerpiece of your basement or is just an added feature to add ambience and flair to your finished space, your local basement finisher can help you with everything you need, including wet bar design. Serve up a cold one on your peninsula wet bar, or bring the tropics home with an island wet bar. The choice is yours. Contact your local basement finishing company today to learn more about the latest basement bar designs.

Wild Card

Maybe you aren’t sure what kind of room you want your new basement to be. That’s ok! Once your basement renovation is complete, you can turn your beautiful new room into anything you want it to be. Are you an arts and crafts lover? Then turn your basement into a comfy space to relax with your favorite hobby. Is wine more your thing? How about adding a wine cellar and small tasting area for your guests? Whatever you decide, your basement remodeling company is there for you from the initial basement redesign to those little finishing touches that can transform your space with the best basement upgrades.

If you aren’t sure whether basement finishing is the right step for you, then consider the benefits: basement remodeling adds value to your property; it is a less expensive way to add space to your home; and the options are endless when you choose basement redesign professionals who help you every step of the way. Contact your local basement finisher at ElkStone Homes today to get started on building the space you’ve always dreamed of.

How Can I Add Rustic Elements to My Basement?

How Can I Add Rustic Elements to My Basement?

add space to your home

With a greater number of people working from home, it’s more important than ever to establish a space in your house exclusively for relaxation and recreation. A finished basement is one of the best ways to add space to your home while also increasing your property’s ROI.

But how can you make your finished basement feel warm and homey? Here are a few ways you can give your basement a rustic finish so you can relax and unwind in your new space.

Cozy, Modern Ambiance

Modern designs have a sleek look that can seem often devoid of warmth without the right colors or textures. Vertical and straight lines with minimal curves are the defining elements. Modern rustic interiors add a sense of warmth to minimalist designs by incorporating elements like wood and soft, neutral colors. The rustic look is perfect for different rooms in your home, such as the family room or in a wet bar.

Incorporating Natural Wood

It can seem tricky to incorporate natural wood into your finished basement design. After all, the basement is known for its moisture issues. However, with basement waterproofing, you can incorporate natural wood into your design with no problem.

You can use natural wood for your cabinetry, sections of walls, the floors, or even bar stools at your basement’s wet bar. When you want to add space to your home, you can find a wide range of colors and textures to incorporate the characteristic sense of warmth that comes from rustic design.

Using Warm, Earthy Tones

If you intend to remodel your basement to add space to your home, consider using warm colors when choosing paint and architectural details. If you use natural wood for basement finishing, consider incorporating different colors like white, cream, gray, and tan for a subtle contrast.

You can use layers of rugs with earthy, neutral tones. Consider an accent wall with nature patterns, too. Those features can also act as partitions for different zones in the basement in an open floor plan.

Rustic Wet Bar

You can complete the look for your basement with a rustic wet bar. Whether the room is for relaxation or gaming and sports, natural wood patterns along with the use of stone or brick can boost the interior design.

Ready to take your home to the next level and finish your basement? Contact ElkStone Homes today to learn more about our basement finishing services and how we can add space to your home.

Looking to Turn Your Basement into a Relaxing Sanctuary? Here Are The Top Factors You Need to Consider

Looking to Turn Your Basement into a Relaxing Sanctuary? Here Are The Top Factors You Need to Consider

remodeling a basement


During the current pandemic, most homeowners are looking to turn parts of their homes into a sanctuary. However, finishing a basement into a room for relaxation has its challenges. More than 50% of homes are more than 40 years old. That means most basements are not structurally sound for creating a tranquil space.

If you’re looking to turn your basement into a relaxing sanctuary, here are the top factors you need to consider.

1. Moisture and Water Damage

Before finishing a basement, you ought to evaluate the risk of moisture and flooding. Given the location of the room, it can be vulnerable to water damage. Overlooking such problems will only cause costly complications later.

Additionally, a humid room is not conducive to a tranquil space. Humidity can cause discomfort and make the interior feel hotter than it is. Moisture can also damage your valuables and cause mold growth, rotting, and a host of other issues.

2. Foundation Weaknesses

You may also have to address the foundation’s structural issues, especially if there is moisture present. Water can damage concrete, creating cracks on its surface. Signs of foundation issues may include soft concrete, bulging walls, and stuck doors and windows. You should also check to see if the foundation is leaking whenever it rains.

3. Assess the Quality of Insulation

If you are finishing your basement into a tranquil space, an efficient air conditioning system is also necessary. For air conditioning to be effective in either warm or cold climates, the room may require additional insulation.

The type of insulation will depend on the climate and the parts of the room in question. Local codes stipulate the kind of material suitable for your home. A basement finishing service can help you determine whether you’ll need to upgrade insulation.

4. Upgrading the Walls

The wall is a critical aspect of finishing a basement since it provides room for cables and wires. It is often essential when you want to bring out an aesthetically pleasing interior. Walls are necessary for support, so it is advisable to have a basement finisher assess the beams to determine their structural integrity.

5. Enhance Lighting and Ambiance

One of the challenges with a basement finish is that the room is often dark and plain with no interesting features. It is one reason some homeowners opt to turn the room into a home theater. The dark space is suitable for watching movies or sports games on a big screen.

Although, if you are finishing the basement into a wet bar or family room, lighting is always essential. You can utilize different types of lighting to increase illumination while minimizing energy consumption.

There are many options for the kind of lamps you can use to infuse a tranquil ambiance for a relaxing room. A basement finishing company can help you address your home’s lighting needs.

Turning a basement into an area for you and your family to unwind can be a great idea. However, there are several challenges you need to address to avoid water damage and comply with the local code. You ought to consider hiring a professional basement finisher for an evaluation before commencing with the project.

Top 3 Features of Basement Finishes

Top 3 Features of Basement Finishes

fireplace hearth

The current average cost for a basic basement finish is $50 to $65 per square foot. But before you start thinking that might be too expensive, consider the benefits. Choosing the right basement finishing company guarantees a fast and professional job that is a great investment for years to come. Keep reading to learn about some great features to include in your basement finishing project.

Basement Wet Bar

Consider your basement finish as a blank canvas for your next big design idea. Always wanted a wet bar? With a wet bar design from your local basement finishing company, you can have the bar of your dreams — from a peninsula wet bar to an island wet bar. Home improvement has never been easier than designing a new wet bar with basement bar plans from your local basement finishing company. Imagine the fun you’ll have pouring drinks and sipping comfortably with your friends and family in your new basement bar space.

Fireplace Hearth

Looking for a basement design that is more functional and family-friendly? Then consider fireplace construction as one of your basement upgrades. A fireplace hearth and mantel adds both warmth and style to your basement, while expert fireplace design ensures a customized fireplace hearth to accentuate your decor. Basement family rooms wouldn’t be complete without an electric fireplace to add coziness and atmosphere to your family gatherings.

Home Theatre

One of the most popular basement upgrades is a home theatre. Choose your style from an open home theatre or an enclosed custom home theater that will be the centerpiece of your basement family room. Your local basement finishing company can help you with the design process from start to finish before installing the home theatre set up of your dreams. Have a projection screen to hang on the wall, or an LCD TV you want to install in a custom-built niche? The options are endless when you choose a company that has expertise in both building and design. Entertain your friends and family with style in a custom-designed media room that makes any movie night special.

Basement finishing may seem expensive and overwhelming, but when you choose a professional local basement company, your home improvement project is easily transformed into the room of your dreams. With upgrades that include a custom fireplace hearth, fireplace construction and design, wet bar design, and a custom-built home theatre, you can turn your basement dream into reality.

Ready to get your basement finished? Great Ideas for basements

Ready to get your basement finished? Great Ideas for basements

basement wet bar

Did you know that the average basement finish can have up to a 70% return on investment? Are you thinking of undergoing a basement finish, but not sure if it is worth it? Although finishing a basement may seem both expensive and time-consuming, with the right basement company you can add space to your home with a headache-free project that will give you a new room to enjoy for years to come. Below are some great ideas for with a professional basement finishing company.

Family Rooms

Family rooms are great for both entertaining guests and relaxing with your loved ones. The best thing about basement finishing is that you can choose how you want to recreate your new space, whether it’s a comfy, relaxing room with a home theatre, or a more game-themed rec room with a pool or air hockey table. Want to add an electric fireplace for some extra warmth and coziness? The choice is yours. The options are endless when you choose a basement finishing company with experience in creating customized family rooms, fireplace design and quality construction.

Basement Wet Bar

Looking for a more adult-friendly way to spruce up your basement? How about a basement wet bar where you can entertain your friends and family? Basement wet bars are some of the most common basement upgrades because they are a great way to add a unique space to your home. Your local basement finishing company can help with your wet bar design, offering anything from an island wet bar to a peninsula wet bar and beyond. Mix and pour the drinks behind your new wet bar while your guests soak in the atmosphere of your new sophisticated and fun space. Add a jukebox, TVs, or even a new fireplace to complete the look of your basement remodel.

Specialty Rooms

Not sure exactly what you want your basement finish to be? You can still add space to your home by creating a basement finishing project that is a blank canvas for whatever you want it to be. Enjoy crafting, knitting, or sewing? Then transform your basement into a place to indulge your favorite hobby. Like working out, but have no space for the equipment? Turn your basement into a home gym where you can exercise in the comfort of your own home. But why choose just one? A professional basement finishing company can help you transform your space into a multi-functional room or rooms for everyone to enjoy.

While finishing a basement may seem expensive, it is actually a great investment in your home’s future. Not only can it add space to your home, but it can also become a new and exciting room for you and your family to enjoy. From family and rec rooms to a basement wet bar, your local basement finishing company has all the options available to transform your basement into an amazing new space.

5 Awesome Ways to Upgrade Your Basement

5 Awesome Ways to Upgrade Your Basement

basement upgradesDid you know that finishing your basement costs approximately 80% less than buying a larger home? Basement finishes not only give you an extra room (or rooms) in your home, but they can also add value to your property in the long run. Keep reading to learn more about the best ideas for basement upgrades.

Family Room

One of the best ways to upgrade your basement is by turning it into a family room. Keep all your games, video game systems, and entertainment systems organized and in one place. Be sure to add a comfy couch, chairs, and a table for playing board games or doing puzzles.

Hobby Room

Don’t have a place to keep your sewing machine? Need a spot to build and display your models? Simply finish the walls and floors and divide the room into spaces where everyone can enjoy their favorite hobbies. The plus side is you have plenty of space to organize all of your materials nearby for easy access.

Wine Cellar

Building a wine cellar in your basement is easier than you think. By utilizing your basement’s climate, you can build an elegant space for your wine collection. Finish off a small area and furnish with a table and chairs to host your own wine tastings for friends and family.

Build a Bar

Use your newly finished basement space to create a fully-stocked bar for entertaining friends and family. Want a classic, padded bar with stools? Or how about a modern bar with swivel chairs, a glass back bar, and elegant stemware? The choice is yours! You can even add to the bar vibe with a jukebox, pool table, dartboard, or big screen TV.

Rental Space

Depending on the size of your basement, you may be able to use it as an apartment for rent. This option may require more work depending on your plumbing, or your ability to include a kitchen or bathroom. However, careful work and planning may allow your basement space to become someone’s future home–and an extra source of income.

You may see your basement solely as a space where you keep your washer/dryer and store your holiday decorations. However, a basement finish can be a very worthwhile investment, whether you are looking for extra space or want a place to entertain, play, or simply relax. The next time you visit your basement, think about these awesome upgrades and imagine the possibilities!

5 Easy Tips for Successful Basement Finishes

5 Easy Tips for Successful Basement Finishes

basement renovations


Finishing your basement is an exciting way to add value, space, and comfort to your home. Households considering adding one or two rooms to their existing homes could make great savings by utilizing the space in the unfinished basement. Here are five necessary tips for successful basement finish.

1. Bring in the Experts

A basement finish may seem like an excellent DIY home improvement project right after your spring cleaning. However, it is better to leave the upgrade to professional basement designers and contractors. You may need to have permits from the local building department. Basement finishing companies can help you obtain the permits as well as come up with designs for your ideal family area. Additionally, you do not wish to mess with your home’s plumbing and wiring. It would be best to leave it to the experts.

2. Understand Your Needs and Wants

Coming up with a space that is inviting to you and your family involves thoroughly thinking through your needs. Do you argue with other family members about the use of bathrooms in your home? Do you hate running upstairs to the kitchen during the game night? What about building an extra bathroom and a partial kitchen in your basement? You may have to think of the future as well. Ensure that the space you are designing today can easily accommodate changes in the future according to your growing needs.

3. Make the Most of Your Existing Features

The best and easiest path to having successful basement finishes is by putting the current basement characteristics into good use. Stand in the middle of the unfinished basement and point out the major features. For example, plumbing and HVAC ducts will make it easier to add a new bathroom. A darkened room is perfect for a home theatre or a wet bar.

4. Be on the Look Out for Water Damage and Cracks

Before you kickstart your project, you may need to inspect the space for water damage, flooding, or cracks. You can enlist the services of a basement company to help you create lasting solutions before progressing with the upgrades.

5. Figure Out Your Lighting

Good lighting is critical to the success of your basement finish. The basement company can provide recommendations of lighting styles that fit your design plans. You may also consider some architectural lighting to spruce up the staircase. You may also have to call in a certified electrician to confirm that your electrical system can handle the new additions.

Basement finishes are fun ways to add space to your home using the existing areas in the house. Elk Stone Inc. can help you come up with attractive architectural designs for your basement upgrades. Call us today for a free estimate for your Colorado basement.

How To Choose The Right Basement Finishing Company

How To Choose The Right Basement Finishing Company

basement remodeling


For most households, the basement is a non-essential part of their home. However, it doesn’t just have to be a dull storage space. Basement finishing can help create a stunning and attractive living space for your family to hang out.

The largest factor that can affect the outcome of your finishing or project is the contractor that you pick. Here are five tips to help you make the right choice.

1. Licenses and Permits

The first item that you should tick off your list is to confirm that the contractor operates a legitimate business through their credentials. Ask them to provide a copy of an active license provided by the state contractor’s board.

Basement projects often require permits to ensure that you abide by local building codes. The company or contractor should assist you in getting all the permits required.

2. Specialization

Another aspect of concern should be their experience as a basement finishing company. Find out their specialization as a finishing contractor and how long they have been in business. Go through their online portfolio with pictures from recent projects and check whether the quality of their work meets your standards.

3. Insurance Cover

Like any contracting job, basement projects carry a significant degree of risk for damage or accidents. You may need to find an insured contractor to complete your dream family living space.

The basement finisher should hold a general liability cover and a worker’s compensation plan. General liability protects your property if any of the technicians end up damaging part of your home. Worker’s compensation protects you from out-of-pocket costs for the medical expenses of any worker that may get injured while at your home.

4. Costs

You may need to first think through what you wish to have in your ideal basement rooms. Request and compare the multiple quotes from different contractors and find the one that fits within your budget. While the price is a vital factor, you ought to consider quality, expertise, and trustworthiness first.

5. Reputation

To find a reputable contractor to finish your basement, browse through their website to get a feel of how they conduct their business. Take a look at their work ethic, recently completed projects, and past clients’ reviews. You may expand the research further to online review platforms to ensure that you find the right company for the job.

Basement remodeling and finishing can be an exciting way to create an extra living space for your family. ElkStone Inc. can help you transform your basement, creating attractive spaces that your family and friends will love. Contact us for a free, no-obligation estimate for your Colorado basement.

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