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Here’s what happy customers from across the Front Range have to say about their basement remodeling experience with ElkStone, Inc!

“My wife and I recently moved to Monument, Colorado and wanted to finish our basement as in-law suite. I interviewed several contractors. We selected ElkStone because Doug was highly competent and worked closely with us to develop a really attractive design that was within our budget. The basement is now finished and we are extremely happy with the results. Our finished basement looks great! The workmanship is truly high quality. The crews were efficient, courteous, and always cleaned up. We were kept well informed of progress and the project was completed on time. ElkStone is obviously a very reputable company with good people who take real pride in their work. They exceeded our expectations in every respect. I very seldom post reviews, but our experience with ElkStone was exceptionally positive. I wanted to call that out. I highly recommend ElkStone.”

John M.

“THANK YOU ElkStone! We are extremely pleased with our new basement. Working with you was fantastic. From the sales and quote process to the management of the actual work… You all did a fine job. Communication was great, quality was great and the very quick nature of it all was great! I would not hesitate to use you again or refer you to the best of friends. Thanks again!”

Andy B.

“ElkStone was amazing. The construction process was virtually seamless, and the finished product is everything we hoped it would be :-)”

Liz H.

“Working with ElkStone was truly wonderful. It’s very hard to find good contractors to work with and ElkStone were fabulous. I can honestly say that it was a good experience and would recommend them to anyone.”

Yvette W.

“We were first timers when it came to getting a basement finished. We did our research and selected three companies we thought could complete a timely basement finish. One of those companies was too busy to even consider our job and told us up front they could not help us. The other company was a start-up that we felt was too inexperienced or cumbersome after meeting with them.

“After meeting with ElkStone and Brad Banks we were sold! Not once did we get the feeling they were too busy or too inexperienced. In fact, quite the opposite. ElkStone was eager, professional and experienced. Brad Banks met us in person to look at the space and sit down and find out our wish list. From there he drew up preliminary floor plans so we could see what to expect and tweak anything we were unclear with and even made suggestions to utilize every bit of space we had to work with.

“From then on, after we had made our final decision to go with ElkStone, Brad sat down with us again to make sure we were absolutely clear on the calendar of events/timeline and answered our final questions before the project began.

“The next phase…the work phase… was where we anticipated problems to begin. We could not have been more wrong! The project manager, Phil Walton showed up before they said he would and the work began on time. From then on we were continually amazed at the efficiency and professionalism of the sub-contractors ElkStone used. Everyone was on-time and some even finished ahead of schedule. Phil made sure we were always in the know during construction and took extra care to advise the noise level as I worked from home during the entire project and had noise restrictions in place.”

Vince S.


“My wife and I purchased this home a year prior, and I had a clear dream of finishing the basement. When she became pregnant with our second child, we decided the time was right to taking on this project before we’d have 2 nap schedules to deal with. Her one caveat was that she did not want this to be a stressful experience during pregnancy. This gave me pause, because for me typically just calling a contractor is a stressful experience. In the end – our fears could not have been more unfounded. ElkStone did more than make this stress-free – the experience was actually fun. Communication was excellent throughout the whole process – we had a clear list of what was going to happen when, and what we needed to do (pick paint colors etc.). Phil – our superintendent – was fantastic and answered questions day and night, no matter how trivial, and never made us feel like we were being difficult or picky. Every single person who worked on the project (electrician, painters, carpet, AV) – were professional, happy, friendly and flexible. The end result was perfect – I have my dream basement, all done in under 4 weeks. I have simply bored my friends with talking about how great this experience was, and am happy to speak to anyone considering a basement from ElkStone. Keeping this testimonial brief was the most difficult part of the entire process.”

Adam T.


“Before we knew it, our 3 1/2 weeks with ElkStone was up and our basement was finished! You lived down the construction horror stories we heard so much about and made our first time the best! Thank you ElkStone for living up to your name and doing exactly what you said you would do and then some!”

“Our experience with ElkStone far exceeded our expectations. From our first interaction with the sales rep/designer, to working with the super, and finally dealing with all the different trades people…we were floored at how professional everyone was. The entire process to finish our basement (3 weeks) went by in the blink of an eye. Never once was I unable to reach the super and he would always answer on the first ring. No request was ever too big or too small for him.

“Top to bottom, beginning to end I can’t think of a better company to have worked with. Their quality and attention to detail is 2nd to none. They are affordable, honest and always up front with how they do business.

“I would suggest them to anyone looking for any type of home remodel project.”

Greg H.


“Have you ever heard horror stories about contractors? Things going wrong? Ever seen a design show where nothing goes right? That’s what my wife and I were fearful of before finishing our basement. After getting several bids, it was a “no-brainer” to use ElkStone.

“The first time we met them, we were put at ease. They were completely transparent and forthcoming with the process, how they got paid, what we would be required to buy and how long everything would take. The timeline blew our minds. I was there every day and still don’t know how they finished our roughly 1200 square feet in just under 4 weeks. After our initial skepticism, I called all their references and before we knew it we were done. During the process, they were always available to answer my questions, big and small. They were patient in explaining the process to me and with the help of their detailed calendar, I always knew who would be showing up on which days and we met every deadline.

“The best was that they are even more of a perfectionist than me. Even the inspector shared how impressed he was with the process. All of the “workers”, as my two young daughters called them, were very helpful, professional, and friendly. I am sure there are a lot of great contractors out there, but I can’t imagine ever using anyone else or recommending anyone else to friends and family. Allow ElkStone to knock your socks off too!”

Michael H.

Castle Rock

“ElkStone delivered in full, on time and to expectations! We hired ElkStone in February 2012 for a basement finishing on a property we had just purchased. Upon signing ElkStone provided a day by day scheduled (imported into my iPhone) of what would be happening.

“Unlike many other contractors, ElkStone delivered to promise. Each and every day the scheduled activities occurred.

“I’m very happy with ElkStone and would advise anyone to utilize them.”

Joseph P.

Highlands Ranch

“Professionalism from the get go. We felt we were dealing with a company that knew what it was doing and had a lot of experience behind it. Speed of delivery. Other contractors were estimating three times the length of time to build. Cost was clear and was in fact less than competitors’ vague promises. The architect was top quality, projected a very calm and knowledgeable demeanor that made us feel very confident choosing ElkStone. Twice the professionalism in half the time, this company rocks!”

Emma M.

“Basement looks fantastic! The design is exactly what I wanted. No surprises anywhere. Efficient. This was a minimal-stress project for me. Being new to Colorado (six weeks), I wasn’t familiar with any companies in the local area.”

Diane H.

“ElkStone went above and beyond our expectations. The team was phenomenal to work with. It doesn’t look like a basement as it was designed with so much detail that it is such a great place for all the entire family to relax and enjoy.”

Clare W.

“ElkStone delivered on time and according to plan. At first I was skeptical about their ability to deliver the basement I wanted in 3.5 weeks, but they did exactly what I had hoped and finished on time.”

Mark C.

“We were looking around and comparing several contractors for our project. ElkStone Basements was very professional with their proposal and they met our strict time-lines, to our extreme satisfaction. The quality and workmanship is second to none. I think they did an excellent job and I would highly recommend them.”

Mikey F.


“We are THRILLED! From beginning to end, ElkStone was a pleasure to work with! When we told our friends that ElkStone promised to be done in 3 1/2 weeks, they rolled their eyes and expressed doubt. Just as promised, 3 1/2 weeks later we were enjoying our beautiful basement. From the initial consult to the final walk through everyone we worked with was AMAZING. Brad did an amazing job answering all of our questions, providing us with a comprehensive plan/quote, and drafting a floor plan to meet our needs. The workers were knowledgeable, helpful, kind and respectful. Our project manager, Phil, was responsive, talented, helpful, and incredibly organized. We were kept informed but not responsible for the process. The finished project is just perfect. The attention to detail and craftsmanship are second to none. Our favorite detail is an amazing fireplace, which is the focal point of our basement. Thanks to Phil, Brad, and crew for a job very well done.”

Marcy and Stuart K.

Highlands Ranch

“Dear Joe, our basement was finished a little over a week ago. Just wanted to let you know how great it turned out and for the wonderful job that the various trades did in helping to complete this project. The job was completed right on schedule, on budget, and with high degree of integrity. The project manager deserves special praise for his effort and for making sure that the project maintained a high degree of quality. He showed considerable kindness, grace, and devotion to making sure that we were satisfied. It was a pleasure to work with him to be sure. So, from our family to yours, many blessings and thanks for a job well done. We have already had the opportunity to show our basement as well as to share our experience and will continue to pass along the ElkStone name when the occasion arises.”

Jeff T.


“We were blown away with the design and proposed finishes. Not only were all of our key elements incorporated but the final plan from ElkStone was a couple of steps up in quality and aesthetically from our original plan. All work was done to a high quality level and was done on time and on budget. The few unexpected changes that always come up in these projects were always handled professionally and creatively. We are absolutely thrilled with our basement by ElkStone.”

Tim C.

Lone Tree

“I am so glad that we found ElkStone – after hearing other people’s horror stories! It was so nice to work with reputable, honest, TEAM of people that worked hard and efficiently to do a nice job- even city inspectors had nice things to say about the quality that ElkStone provides. As for all other major areas, price and design we were very pleased as well!”

Teri H.

“The hype is true! ElkStone just delivered us a very high quality finished basement in 4 weeks. The biggest surprise to us was the quality of people that came through our house from the ElkStone employees to all of the subs. Great work product and great people! We highly recommended ElkStone!”

Scott K.

Lone Tree

“I couldn’t be happier – ElkStone is fabulous! I love our new basement.

“From the beginning of the process with David to the final walk through with Jake, I couldn’t have been more satisfied with the results. The job was completed in the 3 1/2 weeks that they promised and it was amazing to witness the efficiency and professionalism of the different crews that they brought it. The framing went up quickly and then Boris the electrician did his magic and made some great suggestions to improve the look and function of the lights. Dan the trim guy gave it a professional finished look and Serg the tile man did an excellent job. I can’t forget to say what a great project manager Jake was — he was very communicative and went above and beyond the scope of his duties to make sure that my husband and I were pleased with the finished basement.

“In the three weeks since the job was completed, we have had friends over multiple times and our kids have had sleepovers. Our basement is awesome and so is ElkStone Basements.”

Julie A.


“ElkStone has figured it out! They have created a standardized process and assembled a team of top professionals that work together to deliver a high quality product in a fraction of the time and at a competitive price! We LOVE our new basement and appreciate all the attention to detail that each contractor put into it. Everyone that came through our doors was a pleasure to work with!”

Kelly C.

Castle Rock

“ElkStone is the best at what they do. So many people warn you about basement contractors not finishing on time or on budget, and we received many of those warnings as well – even throughout the process. ElkStone proved everyone wrong. They were professional, completed the work on time and in budget. Their sub-contractors were friendly and respectful, but hardworking and committed to getting the job done. We are extremely happy with the work they did and have no doubt that anyone else who has an ElkStone basement would agree.”

Valerie G.

“With very little to work with – other than a verbal conceptual thought – personnel were able to complete what now looks like it was part of the original design and product during the construction of the home – and I would challenge anyone to say otherwise. And, the real key, it was completed in a three-week period of time! Thanks to some very talented workers/craftsmen!”

Steve P.


“My basement and home theater was recently completed on time and on budget. The entire process was easy and the job came out even better than anticipated. Special thanks to Glenn and Marco for their hard work. I was worried that I would not be able to reach ElkStone on a regular basis but that was far from true, every email or call was returned in hours with an update on my project.

“Thanks again and please feel free to have people reach out to me for a reference.”

Alan S.

Highlands Ranch

“I can’t say enough good about them. They were just wonderful. ElkStone Basements was perfectly organized. They followed their schedule, and completed the work when they said they would. The workmen were very courteous. This was the first time we used them, and they were recommended by a friend. I choose to use them because they could get the job done in the tight time frame needed.”

Joyce O.


“Hi! Just wanted to send an email letting you know how much we are enjoying our basement! We have had a few get-togethers in our new basement and our friends are really impressed. Last night my women’s coffee group came over to have some drinks in our bar! They were so amazed at the quality of workmanship. And of course they loved the theater room! Everyone does – especially us. I find it hard to leave that room. They were also impressed with the timeline in which the basement was finished. One of my neighbors actually said since her ex-husband was a contractor she was literally going around the basement looking for flaws – and couldn’t find any. I will admit like most people I usually only send emails to complain. It’s a lot easier to see the bad than the good. However, I am extremely happy with the way it turned out. And again, not only are we enjoying it but our friends and neighbors are amazed. I am definitely singing your praises to all of them and will recommend ElkStone! I am so glad my neighbor recommended ElkStone to me!!”

Cyndi W.


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