How Much Would It Cost to Finish My Colorado Basement

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A basement is a versatile space that you can do up according to what you want it to be. But unfortunately, the financial aspect of it becomes a deciding factor when pondering over renovating or remodeling your basement. With ElkStone basements, the price to finish your basement depends on what you want your basement to be. And, if we’re the ones doing up your basement, we assure you that the final reveal won’t be disappointing! You may have an idea about how you want the basement to look, but before you invest time, effort, and money, make sure you know the factors which decide the price. Many homeowners believe that knowing the per-square-foot price for renovation is more critical than understanding the total cost of a basement remodel. But, this is not always the case since a lower price-per-square-foot does not always simply lower the overall cost.

Several factors, some of which are beyond your control, might influence the cost of finishing your Colorado basement. However, basement remodelers can benefit you by having more detailed knowledge of what you want to accomplish with the project.

What Can Determine the Cost of Finishing My Basement?

Take a look at the below

factors that can determine the cost of finishing your basement:

1. The Room Setup

What you want to do with the area is one of the most significant cost drivers for any basement remodeling project. For example, would you like a bachelor pad with a wet bar, arcade games, pool tables, and a gaming station? Or do you want to use a minimalistic approach and turn it into a relaxing home office? Do you desire a bathroom or perhaps a kitchen in your basement? All these factors will directly impact the final cost of finishing your basement.

2. Furniture and Finishing

If you want new plumbing, lavish tile work, and custom paint finishes, you’ll have to spend more money. But, on the other hand, if you stick to the fundamentals and put more money into furnishings and other add-ons, a basement of the same size will cost you significantly less to remodel. The takeaway is that the cost of a basement remodel in Colorado will be higher if you’re planning on adding high-end lighting and handcrafted wooden furnishings.

3. Renovation Level

Another element to consider while finishing your basement is the canvas you’ll be working with. For example, a basement with only structural support and concrete walls would require more remodeling than a space with installed heating, plumbing, electricity, and air conditioning. The cost-per-foot can also vary if you have an egress window or need one installed.

The typical cost of finishing a Colorado basement is between $60 and $90 per square foot. However, this can vary depending on whether or not you require plumbing. If you do, it would add $10-$20 to the per-square-foot cost. In addition, the price of any remodeling work may be affected by your choice of flooring and other changes to your space.

Because of the varied choices available, we won’t quote you an exact price until we visit the space and talk about your needs. Every project we take on is unique, and it all relies on how is luxurious you want your basement to be at the end of the process.

ElkStone has been in the remodeling business since January 2008, and we’re experts in our field. We’ve always delivered high-quality basements to our customers, and we’d be delighted to provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate for your basement finishing job. For a free estimate, fill out the form or contact 303-656-9006 today.

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