When the Mayo Family was ready to finish their 1400 square foot of basement, they called ElkStone. These are the items that made the Must Have List:

  • Wet Bar to Entertain
  • Spacious Movie Room for the whole family
  • A Fitness Room (used when absolutely necessary….I mean, we have the best gym outside our homes!)
  • Extra Bedroom to double as a music room (no brainer when your kid plays drums every. single. day 😖)
  • Full Bath


We wanted to give a huge shout out to ElkStone Basement Finishing!  And how long did it take to finish a 1400 sf basement you ask?!  Only 6 weeks!!! When they said their basements are completed in 5-6 weeks it sounded too good to be true, but they delivered!  They have a solid staff and their contractors are trustworthy.  We even went out of town for an entire week and our project manager came over every day to make sure the contractors were there and always locked up when they left.  It was the smoothest and most stress-free basement finishing experience ever.  Thank you so much ElkStone!  



Our Thanks to the Mayo Family for allowing us to share their wonderful photos.  Welcome to the ElkStone Family!  We hope that you create many memories in your finished basement space!