4 Reasons you Should Finish Your Basement This Year

Fee Basement

Is one of your new year’s goals to redesign your home? Maybe you’re looking to increase your living space but you’re not sure where to start. Now is the perfect time to consider a basement remodeling project. That concrete room that usually collects cobwebs and storage boxes may actually be the answer to all of your home improvement woes.

More Space for Your Family

The main reason many people choose to finish their basement is to increase their living space for their family. A finished basement could take on the role of a basement family room, or add additional bedrooms to your home. You could even make the space extra cozy by installing a fireplace. Search for “basement renovations” or “basement family rooms” online for inspiration for your basement remodeling project.

Option to Rent Out the Space

A finished basement can double as another living space, either for yourself or to use as a form of income. Many people today choose to take on a basement remodel to list the space as a small apartment, or for nightly rental sites like Airbnb or VRBO. As long as you’ve provided the basics and have done your research on renting your space, this option can help you bring in extra income this year.

Extra Space for Entertaining

If you have a large family or like to entertain, having a finished basement will give you the extra space you need. If you add bedrooms, you’ll have a separate space for your family to stay when they visit. If you choose a basement remodel for entertainment purposes, you can add elements such as a wet bar to liven things up. Either way, your basement will end up being everyone’s favorite place to be.

More Money in Your Pocket

Did you know that finishing your basement could give you a return on investment of nearly 78%? If you end up selling your home, the appeal of extra living space will increase the amount you’ll be to sell it for. If you hire a professional basement remodeling company, the work they do to install drywall and proper insulation could also increase your home’s energy efficiency, lowering your monthly utility bill.

In Conclusion

If you’re ready to take on a basement renovation, search “basement remodel colorado springs” for information on ElkStone Basements, the basement finishing company you need to convert your space.