7 Ideas to Upgrade Your Basement


Upgrading your basement is a great way to add more livable space to your home. About 81% of homeowners that have upgraded their basement say they want to be home more and fully enjoy their basement space. Basements are becoming the new gathering spaces for many families. It is not unusual to find pool tables, game rooms, basement wet bars, and a lot more in modern finished basements. Here are seven easy ways you can upgrade your basement and transform the space.

1. Before You Get Started

Before you start your basement renovation, be sure the space is waterproofed. If you have a wet basement issue, it is important that you correct it before you start your project.

2. Add Flooring

Unfinished basement flooring must be improved to create the welcoming space that you want. Consider hardwoods, tiles, or linoleum for your basement floor. Upgrading the floor will instantly upgrade the space.

3. Finish the Walls or Paint

Many basements have unfinished walls. It is an easy fix. Have sheetrock installed and have it painted. It will create a finished space. If the walls are already in place, paint your basement a light color to brighten things up.

4. Lighting Has a Big Impact

Basement areas are often neglected when it comes to lighting. Add the same style of lighting that you have in the rest of the house to make your basement feel more a part of your home.

5. Family-Friendly Gathering Space

Divvy up the space into kid-friendly and adult spaces. Basement wet bars installed in the “adults only” area of your basement are a great added feature and will up your game as the host with the most fun place to gather.

6. Choose Appropriate Furniture

Furnishings will dictate what you use the space for. For example, if you are set on having one of the great basement wet bars installed, make sure you buy the furniture to go along with it.

7. Decorate

Treat your basement like it is a part of your home. Give it the same thought that you do any other living space and you will create a space everyone wants to be in.

If you need some extra elbow room, your basement can heed the call. Make it a bedroom, an office, a craft space, a den, a man cave, or a game room. There are so many possibilities

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