How to Successfully Convert Your Basement Into an In-law Suite


Multigeneration homes are very common. With the rising costs of housing and assisted living, 20% of Americans are currently living with several generations of family members. If you want to have the privacy of your own home while also sharing costs with family members, an in-law suite is a popular way to go. You can convert your basement into a cozy apartment, but make sure that you do things correctly if you want to succeed.

Make Sure It’s Legal

If you’re building another apartment during your basement renovations, you have to do everything legally. Go to your local government and get the necessary forms and permits. Depending on where you live, there will be different laws for the amount of space needed and the way utilities are set up. Prepare everything ahead of time and you won’t have to deal with any surprises in the future.

Designate Two Points of Egress

Your basement is now a home and it will require two ways to get out. Don’t try to get away with technicalities on this one. Give whoever will be living down there two easy ways to get out, neither of which require them to go through the main house. While this might be expensive and require installing a new door, it will reduce the risk of tragedy in case of a house fire.

Maximize Natural Light

Even the biggest basement can be dark. When you’re doing your basement renovations, take the time to maximize the natural light that can get into the in-law apartment. Add window wells and take advantage of any slopes in your yard that will allow for bigger windows. Living without natural light can be depressing and bad for your health. Even a few extra windows can make a big difference in the light levels of the house.

An in-law suite is a great way to split up a multigenerational home. Take some time to plan it out and make it a safe and comfortable place to live. This will make everyone living in the home much happier. A multigenerational home has a lot of benefits for the family living within it. So with some basement renovations, you can make this style of living appealing and practical for your family.