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Tips and tools for finishing your basement.

Homeowner’s buying guide to finishing the basement

Homeowner’s Buying Guide to Finishing the BasementYou can use the following questions to qualify the basement builders that you’re receiving bids from.  ElkStone’s answers are included below…Question 1 - "On what day does trim carpentry start?"Answer - For ElkStone...

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Reasons To Finish Your Basement in Denver

Reasons To Finish Your Basement in Denver   To finish, or, not to finish? This IS the question many homeowners are asking these days. Life doesn’t come with an itinerary and so the home that you bought ten years ago, when it was just the two of you lovebirds, was...

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Ideas for Finished Basements

This is a guest post from a fan of ElkStone Basements! While browsing the internet for basement finish ideas, I happened to stumble upon an article describing the recent completion of a basement remodel. This remodel was done for a rather wealthy individual...

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How To Choose A Denver Basement Contractor (part 1)

No doubt there are plenty of contractors out there, and choosing the right one for your basement finish project is a question everyone wants answered. If there could only be a way to just know you’re choosing the right basement finisher, then that would be so much...

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Why Finish Your Denver Basement?

There could be many reasons motivating you to finish your basement. Perhaps you are looking for an open and secure place for the kids to play. A home gym?  A home office? Maybe even a home theater? Whatever your motive may be, there might be a few things you haven’t...

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How much does a basement finish cost?

When an estimator from ElkStone visits your home for a free comprehensive consultation for a basement finish (sometimes referred to as a basement remodel or basement refinish) they’ll ask you a number of questions. What they want to find out is exactly what you want and need for the new finished basement space. Then your estimator will walk the unfinished basement with you to see what you have in mind; they’ll also provide suggestions based on hundreds of basement designs they’ve drawn previously.

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