A Beautiful Ending, But A Challenging Journey:

Not since Jyn and Cassian stole the plans for the Death Star in “Rogue One” has a journey been more challenging. The challenges were so abundant that it felt like if it could go wrong it did. Everything from floor leveling, spilling of an entire can of wood stain, imperfections in the finish of quartz multiple times, and even a steam shower unit that had the proverbial hiccups.

As potential clients look through our gallery we show some of our best and most beautiful basements. While the images below show a stunning finished space the truth is that the journey to get there was filled with serious challenges and several delays.
ElkStone is not a perfect company and we can never guarantee a perfect construction experience. We strive to provide a great and seamless experience for all our customers, but construction can often be a bumpy ride. We can promise that we will work with every customer to the best of our ability and ensure that, in the end, the finished product is a beautiful space and of a high craftsmanship. ElkStone stands by all of our work even when things get tough.

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