Butte Family


In January of 2022, ElkStone was able to help out a wonderful family of 4 who lives in Parker, CO, and is very active in the community. The wife, Deb, works at the Denver Rescue Mission and dedicates her life to helping the homeless population in Denver, taking care of her husband who has MS and is wheelchair-bound, and being a mother of 2 boys.

ElkStone decided to take on the challenge of doing a complete gut and remodel of their main floor master bathroom and building a ramp to the outdoor patio in order to provide safer accommodations for Brent. Despite the busy holiday season that we were in, many employees helped to design and manage this huge project.

We had two ElkStone workdays and used several of our subs to get the job done in just over one week! Many of our subs and vendors were glad to pitch in both labor and materials. The first day of the project consisted of setting up floor prep & dust barriers, demolition, and framing with the help of our awesome employees.

Thanks to our vendors and owner, Joe Benedetto, in the next couple of days we were able to get electrical rewire, plumbing, and drywall done. Next up was tiling and getting the countertop template. With all hands on deck, we were able to accomplish tile clean-up, sink and tub installation, paint, barn door installation, lighting, punch items, and one final clean on the last workday!

The following week we were able to replace their sliding doors to the backyard with French doors and build a much safer ramp. As a company, we were blessed to be in a position to be able to give back to a much deserving family and provide a more accessible bathroom and outdoor patio for Brent!

Take a look at some of the pictures from the project and the family’s response to the finished product. 


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