Create The Ultimate Sports Cave in Your Basement


Since the 1950s, the average American residence has nearly doubled in size, reaching about 2,500 square feet! This has made it so much easier than ever to create a sports man cave. You need to have a few things ready before you can even begin to fantasize about all of the cool items you will place in your “man cave” and how you will spend wonderful nights there, either interacting with other people or simply chilling by yourself. Choosing the right site is the first step. If you have picked the basement as the location for your sports room, ensure that it is habitable.

Work to Be Done

Check for faults such as leaking pipes, floor damage, and dampness. Minor repairs, such as repairing cracks, are often inexpensive, but they can cost as much as $500. However, if drains, gutters, and pipes must be installed, the price might increase to as much as $10,000. The first step of turning a basement into a sports man cave is cleaning the space with soapy water and ensuring no insects are present in the area, as abandoned basements are frequently inhabited by insects. You may need to contact a fumigation firm to eliminate bugs.

Ensure that the basement has enough utility connections, especially for electricity. Although it will almost surely contain at least one light, it may lack enough light fixtures and electrical outlets to convert it into a sports room. If your basement lacks sufficient electrical outlets, you should be able to have them built for a few hundred dollars. Naturally, the price will rise if you also require the installation of light fittings.

Be aware that basements are often gloomy, and you will need to take necessary measures to illuminate the space. This begins with utilizing white paint and bright furnishings to reflect light. You will likely also need to install more lighting, and it’s a good idea to utilize daylight bulbs in the primary fixtures. You may also need to add climate control, even if it only entails installing fans for the summer and electric heaters for winter.

If you properly prepare a basement and ensure that it is well-lit and airy, it may be a perfect site for a sports man cave due to the plenty of room and seclusion. Call your local contractors to have your basement turned into a sports room.