Do I Have to Go With My Home Builder’s Design for My Basement Finish?

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Many homeowners consider having a good basement to be the pinnacle of success. It gives the option of expanding the home's interior living area. Additionally, it offers the incredibly unique opportunity to completely design a room.

Working with this much freedom might be intimidating. The design could go awry. The decision of whether to complete the basement or leave it unfinished for the future always has to be made during construction. As with any decision, there are lots of pros and cons to consider before making your final choice. Read on to learn more about getting a builder-designed basement!

Advantages of Getting a Builder’s Design

Increased Resale Value

Your property value will increase when you opt for a builder-grade basement. This is especially true if yours is the only home on the block with a finished basement! Whether you’re planning to relist your home soon or not, a higher property value is good for the entire neighborhood and can give you peace of mind if you ever do decide to sell.

No Stress in Finishing the Basement “One Day”

Getting your basement finished at the same time as the rest of your home is being constructed means that by the time you move in, there won’t be anything left to do! You won’t need to worry about finishing the basement “one day”—your builders have already taken care of this step.

Don’t worry about putting money away in your  “basement fund” when you’ve already finished everything you need to!

Additional Living Area

Having a finished basement means that your available living space is extended. This comes in handy if you don’t want a TV in your primary living room, for instance: just put it in the basement along with a comfy couch! If your family is growing, a basement gives you room to expand your family without needing to worry about buying a larger home or building an extension. Finished basements give you room to imagine and create, which means that going with a builder-designed basement increases your functionality right off the bat.

Disadvantages of Not Getting a Builder’s Design

Expensive Remodeling

While your upfront costs will likely be higher if you opt for a finished basement at the beginning, your savings, later on, will be much higher. If you wait to design your basement, you may need to vacate your home while the remodeling is being done. It’ll cost you time as well as money, which means building your basement right into the cost of your mortgage is usually the smartest and most cost-effective method.

Damage to the House

An incomplete basement might lead to many menacing issues later on. Due to ease of access, animals and insects could seek residence in the basement. If a basement is not properly completed, there is a chance that moisture can breed mold.

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