Does Lighting Really Make the Space?


When considering a remodel, you may wonder if the lighting is critical to the overall design. The answer is yes! Lighting can make or break a space; it is often the first thing people notice when they enter a room in your basement.

Lighting is such an essential factor in design and decor because it helps set the mood and tone of the room. The perfect lighting can add drama, warmth, and ambiance while creating a cozy and inviting space. It’s also important to consider safety when choosing your lighting fixtures. Basements are often dark spaces, so overhead lighting is necessary to help provide light during power outages or when you’re working on projects.

Let us discuss a few key points about lighting options in basements and the effects they can have.

1. Recessed Canned Lights Are Your Best Friend

Recessed canned lights provide ample illumination without being too bright or harsh on the eyes. They have become very popular, especially in finished basements with low ceilings and limited space above the top of the cabinets or countertops. They are ideal for lighting up stairways, hallways, and other areas where overhead lighting would be difficult or impossible to install.

Recessed canned lights with flat, frosted lenses are the best for basements because they offer uniform illumination that is soft and pleasing to look at without being too bright or harsh on your eyes. They also create an overall warm feeling that compliments most decors nicely.

2. Avoid Bulbs That Produce Light with Blue Tones

Choose bulbs that produce white light, and avoid bulbs with blue tones, as they make you feel tired and even depressed. Warm-colored bulbs are even better, as they create a warm, cozy, and happy ambiance.

Also, remember to match your lighting levels to the size of your room. A sure-shot way to achieve this would be to install dimmers so that you can control the brightness. This way, you can also control illumination levels according to activity level and time of day.

3. Avoid Fluorescent Light Fixtures

Fluorescent lights give off a dull, blueish light that doesn’t look great in finished basements. They also cast shadows on walls and ceilings, making it look like you’re living in a cave!

Apart from being toxic when they break, fluorescent lights have also been found to trigger headaches when used in enclosed spaces.

4. Natural Lighting Is the Best

The benefits of having sunlight enter your basement through skylights and windows are immense. Apart from the Egress Window Requirements recommended by the NFPA, every additional window or skylight only adds to your benefits of improving the aesthetics of the space, relieving instances of seasonal depression, saving energy, reducing eye strain, and so on.

To let in more natural light, you can add more windows, expand or modify existing windows, install solar tubes, and add mirrors or other reflective surfaces for bouncing light off better.

When remodeling your basement, it’s important to consider how you want the new space to look and feel. Knowing the right kinds of light to be used and how to position them is crucial in making the space functional and comfortable.

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