How to Make Your House Stand Out for Reselling

For sale sign in yard of house

Are you thinking of reselling your home? Don’t fret. You don’t need to spend an exorbitant amount on your home to make it worth reselling. Small tips and tricks, if implemented correctly, can do wonders. Let’s explore some of these super helpful, low-cost ideas you can leverage:

Dress Up Your Curb

Think about your home’s curb appeal to create a lasting first impression. Start by mowing the lawn, touch up your home’s exterior paint to give it a fresh look, clean up your plant pots, trim the hedges, and invest in some nice-looking patio furniture to elevate your curb game.

Embrace the ‘Repair-Clean-Declutter’ Rule

Once you have visitors in your home, you don’t want them to see any leaks or cracks. Make sure to get your locks repaired if they’re getting jammed. Ensure everything is neatly tucked away because a chaotic home is unwelcoming and gives off a messy vibe. At the same time, make sure to remove unnecessary items that may make the place look cluttered. Three places where you should start immediately are your garage, your closet, and, you guessed it, your basement! As a pro tip, store excess items in a rented warehouse or tuck them away in your attic till the home is being marketed.

Light Up Your Home

Nothing beats the positive vibes that come off a well-lit home. Imagine trying to resell a dark, dingy, and downright distressing home. The solution? Think of ways to let the natural light stream in—be it in your bedroom, hallway, or kitchen. Also, invest in high-quality light fixtures that can provide a beautiful ambiance to your home.

Get Creative with Your Furniture

To capture your audience’s attention and imagination:

  1. Experiment with your existing furniture.
  2. Place furniture items differently to expose more space.
  3. Get creative with an out-of-the-box layout and spark your potential buyer’s imagination so they get excited about making the space their own.

Get Your Home Squeaky Clean

From your walls to your windows, get a professional cleaning service done. Get your ceiling fans cleaned. Ensure that the soft furnishings are washed. You want your home to look fresh and instill trust in the potential buyer about it being well-maintained. To achieve this, remember that a clean, spotless home is a prerequisite.

Use the Property’s USPS to Your Advantage

Do you think your kitchen is your home’s biggest highlight? If yes, consider making it the biggest talking point during sales. You can stage the kitchen area with fancy equipment to help buyers envision their ‘dream kitchen.’ Let your property’s USPs shine so that you can show off the best features in the most optimal way possible!

Remodel Your Basement

Most people have a well-furnished and aesthetic home but tend to ignore their basements. At best, it is used as a second attic, holding pieces of furniture that are only used occasionally or no longer used at all! Consider remodeling it to turn it into an attractive asset that comes along with purchasing your home! Take a look at the different design ideas for this, and our past projects to gain inspiration