Ideas for Finished Basements


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While browsing the internet for basement finish ideas, I happened to stumble upon an article describing the recent completion of a basement remodel. This remodel was done for a rather wealthy individual (whose name will be omitted to protect the innocent and rich!), who had decided that a simple wine cellar was just not enough to compliment his extensive collection. Instead, he added what appeared to be a medieval dungeon. The space was wall-to-wall cobblestones!  They had even made the cobblestones appear as if they were damp and water stained, although the walls were dry to the touch. The basement was like a maze and around each corner you could find nooks and crannies with outrageously expensive wine, conspicuously placed. In total, this renovation cost the lucky homeowner just a little bit more than $600,000.00!

, Ideas for Finished Basements

For those of us who don’t quite get to enjoy the lifestyles of the rich and famous, do not despair! There are still some amazing, and definitely more affordable, options for your unused basement space.

The most common idea for a finished basement space is to make it kid friendly and parent approved. If you are finding it difficult to keep your children and their hoards of toys contained, then perhaps you should think about investing in a play area. Basements are usually well insulated even when unfinished. Add some more insulation, a few walls and some plush carpet and you have yourself a quiet and well-built abode in which your kids can play the day away.

For instance, check out the finished space below. This room is one of two that were built during this particular basement renovation. If you opt for creating more than one room, the additional space could be used for anything! Notice anything different? The paint used on these walls dries as and maintains the consistency of a traditional chalkboard! For the first time ever, kids can draw on their walls and you get a hassle-free clean up!

, Ideas for Finished Basements

Kid Basement with Chalkboard Walls

, Ideas for Finished Basements

Kid Friendly Basement

The great thing about having a space that is a bit more subdued is that it is versatile. For the time being, a space like this serves well as a kid friendly, play area. The built-in shelving units provide an excellent storage space without taking away from the open floor plan. But, as we all know, kids do not stay kids forever!  With a few minor changes, this space could be transformed into a home theater, a home gym or just a quiet place to relax and read!

Not every homeowner has children, so the above ideas may not be of use to everyone looking to finish their basement. But, even if you don’t have kids, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t enjoy entertainment, right? A finished basement is an ideal space for those who like to entertain! Take a look at this gorgeous space:

, Ideas for Finished Basements


The picture really doesn’t do the space justice because what you can’t see all of the details. Not only is this type of space perfect for entertaining guests, but it is also ideal for prolonged house guests as well. This type of renovation has the potential to increase the overall value of your property!

Whatever your motivation may be for finishing or renovating your basement, there is a contractor who can help you realize your vision. Rarely is there a job too big or too small!