Top Trending Fireplace Designs of 2022

Fee Basement

A perfect fireplace can be the focal point of any room, especially family rooms or cozy basements. With such an important design element in your home, it is important that you choose an aesthetic new fireplace that will not clash with your home. Every year, new and creative fireplace solutions are created, so let’s see what’s trendy in the 2022 fireplace design market.

Peninsula Fireplaces

Firstly, Peninsula fireplaces double as both a fireplace and a convenient shelf. They can help give a room an open, cozy feeling while providing warmth to both your kitchen and your family room. These handy little fireplaces are becoming trendy due to their stylish minimalism, easy gas installation, and cozy atmosphere.

Convertible Fireplaces

Obviously, the choice between gas or wood is the first thing you think about when looking at fireplaces. With a convertible fireplace, you never need to worry about that difficult decision again! These fireplaces allow for both gas and wood fuel, ensuring you can have both a kid-safe gas fireplace and a cozy classic wood-burning fireplace in a matter of 30 minutes.

Extra Large Fireplaces

Who says that humongous fireplaces and chimneys are going out of style? These unmissable fireplace designs make for an eye-catching and extravagant room addition, and will always be trendy. Large statement fireplaces can give a cabin a whole new vibe, or bring an air of elegance to any newly finished basement. It’s easy to see why 81% of homeowners enjoy their home substantially more after their basement remodeling, and a classic fireplace can turn that new basement into the perfect reading room.

Unique Fireplaces

Without a doubt, not every home is made the same, and not every fireplace is either. Homeowners are growing bolder and bolder with their use of fireplace design through the years, incorporating frameless glass fireplaces and looming vertical chimneys into their spaces. Certain statement fireplaces require careful installation or even an entire room addition. In 2022, we can expect more of these daring and exciting new custom styles to pop up in the design world. If you have an idea for a unique fireplace, there is no better time to explore your vision.

While there are countless types of fireplaces to choose from, the biggest contenders for the title of “trendiest fireplace design” are often modern and minimalistic. While grand stone chimneys will always be in style, new styles are always on the rise. If it’s finally time to incorporate that fireplace you’ve been dreaming about, give ElkStone a call today.