What to Know Before Working With A Basement Finish Designer

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You have made the decision to finish your basement, so now it is time to get started with a designer. When you work with a basement finishing designer, many of these steps are handled by the designer, but it is helpful if you know what to expect before starting with them.

Permits and Requirements

It is critical that you have the proper permits and inspections completed that are needed for your basement finishing project. This information can be found by contacting the county or city clerk’s office. This is because there are code requirements set forth for any construction project. No matter if it is new construction or existing construction. Depending on the state you live in, a basement finishing project is considered a wet area, which leads to additional requirements, such as a ground fault circuit interrupt (GFCI). In addition, there are requirements around plumbing, electricity, and egress that you should be prepared to think about.

Waterproofing and Drainage

If you have ever had a flood, burst, or leaky pipe in your house, you know just how much damage water can do. When you are working on a basement finishing project, you need to think about the potential for water in your basement. Do you currently get any water in your basement? Do you live in an area that floods? When you think about this, you may decide that you need waterproofing in your basement. You may need a sump pump, or a second one if you already have one. If you are considering adding anything in your basement that requires water, such as a bathroom, kitchen, or wet bar, you have to tie it into the existing drainage system.


No matter what you plan to do with your basement finishing project, you will need some type of electricity for lighting and providing power to items in the basement. It is important that you plan for your electricity before you drywall over any exposed studs or framing. Some basements already have drywall which requires additional consideration when attempting to tie into the existing electrical system.

Many people choose to take on a basement finishing project because it is 80% cheaper to do that instead of buying a new house. However, there are many things to do when deciding how to finish your basement. That is where a basement finish designer can help answer all of your questions regarding your final steps.