Base Your Basement On These 3 Remodel Ideas


We get it: basements can be a tricky spot to figure out. If not done right they can feel like a remote, disconnected piece of the house. With the help of ElkStone Basements, you can take this room and turn it into an essential component of the house. Whether you want a space for kids to play, guests to stay, or adults to getaway, you can easily achieve the basement of your dreams — and while you’re at it, you can increase the value of your home for a return on investment of up to ~70%. If you need some ideas before you remodel, consider these basement family rooms and other options.

  1. Create a spare bedroom
    There is nothing better than having the ability to comfortably host guests. Sure, when close friends and family come stay at your home, they are often willing to sleep anywhere. But while anyone can tolerate a night on a couch or an air mattress, there is nothing that can match the comfort of an actual bedroom. With ElkStone Basements, you can convert an under-utilized basement into an entire extra bedroom. To maximize your hosting capacity even more at the expense of a bit of comfort, use bunkbeds.
  2. Make a second living room
    There is a reason ElkStone Basements is known for its basement family rooms. Sometimes what a house needs is simply another room geared toward spending quality family time. Add some cozy carpeting, nice couches, and a fireplace, and boom — you have the perfect room to spend a winter evening watching a movie with the kids.
  3. Keep it classy with a wine cellar
    If a wet bar isn’t your speed, consider going with an option more geared toward the storage of alcohol rather than the imbibing of it. With a wine cellar, you can hold on to those good bottles as long as you want without worrying of light exposure, improper ambient air temperature, or somehow misplacing your favorite Pinot Noir.

Whether you are looking into building basement family rooms, bedrooms, bars, cellars, or something else entirely, make sure you get the right company to help achieve your vision. Give ElkStone Basements a call today!