Basement Remodeling Ideas: Fireplaces and Other Basement Heating Options

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By virtue of being an underground room, most basement spaces are often cold. If your basement is always freezing in the cold seasons, then perhaps you need a remodeling option to make it cozy.

Basement spaces are important because they enable you to get additional square feet of space in your home. They are an ingenious way of utilizing the space under your property’s surface. With an average modern American home being approximately 2,500 square feet, this is almost double the size of classic standard American homes of the 1950s. Remodeling your basement is one of the ways of catering for the ever-increasing need for more space in your home.

Your basement provides you with additional space, but without proper enhancements, the space may be unusable. You need a proper remodeling plan to make your basement habitable. One of the essential remodeling options is the provision of proper heating for your basement. Fireplace companies provide ideal basement remodeling heating solutions, which include basement fireplaces, radiant heating systems, and basement floor heating options.

Basement Fireplace Solutions Provided by Fireplace Companies Colorado Springs

Basement fireplaces are cozy and beautiful additions to your basement finishing. They enhance the visual appeal of your basement while also improving the comfort in your basement. Fireplace companies provide various options of fireplaces that you can choose from depending on your budget and personal preferences. Here are a few of the common heating solutions that fireplace companies provide.

1. Traditional Wood Burning Fireplaces

Wooden fireplaces are challenging to install in a basement because they require a vertical flue. These fireplaces are often built on a seating hearth or the floor, and they typically include a blower unit, some stonework, and a wood mantle. If you choose the wood-burning alternative, you should ensure that its flue is used properly and the chimney is always cleaned and well-maintained to improve ventilation and prevent build-up that can lead to chimney fires.

2. Gas Fireplaces

Wooden fireplaces compel you to lug wood down your basement’s stairs when your supply gets depleted. Sometimes you may even lack sufficient space to store the firewood. But with a gas fireplace, you don’t have to worry about the regular carrying of wood down the basement or storage space problems. Gas tanks can be kept outside the basement and there is no need of worrying about space because the piping doesn’t consume much space. Unlike wooden fireplaces that hold lots of ash deposits, there is little to no cleaning required in gas fireplace units.

3. Prefabricated Fireplaces

Unlike the installation of wood-burning and gas fireplaces, the installation of prefabricated fireplaces is quick and easy. The prefabricated fireplaces come as ready-made bespoke fireplace insert units that are ready for installation. All that is required is an ideal space and a few fixtures and equipment that will help you install the unit in your basement. But you have to figure out what size, style, and type of insert that you prefer or need.

You also have to ensure that you understand the heat requirements for your basement in order to buy an insert that will be heat efficient. For instance, if you get a unit with a few BTU’s (British Thermal Units) for a small room, then you might have insufficient heating for your basement. These prefabricated units are energy efficient than wooden and gas fireplaces, and they require less installation space and maintenance.

4. Radiant Heating and Insulation

Apart from installing a fireplace, fireplace companies may offer you an alternative option for your basement renovation or basement remodel. The use of radiant heating when combined with proper floor and wall insulation can also serve as an ideal solution to heating your basement. There are numerous floor heating systems and the various panel options will surely meet your heating needs. You could also use similar water-based systems known as hydronic radiant floor heating units. Some similar energy-based heating systems can be installed under your tiles, carpet, stone flooring, or wooden floor.

If you’re planning to renovate your basement family rooms anywhere in Colorado Springs, then these basement heating options are some of the best solutions to your heating needs.

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