Your basement has a lot of potential other than being a dull and bland storage area. There are many remodeling ideas you can use to turn the room into a viable living space. If you are planning on building a basement bar, here are a few trendy ideas.

1. Stand Out with Eye-catching Countertops

A basement bar can start to feel like a kitchen, especially if you have quartz, granite, or marble countertops. One way to overcome the design issue is to install unique countertops that make the interior stand out.

You can choose from a wide variety of countertops, depending on whether you want a classy or casual design. You could opt for other materials such as wood, glass, onyx, slate, among others.

2. Basement Bar with Floating Shelves

A couple of simple shelves can add versatility to your basement bar. Your primary objective should be to create functional spaces that are durable and sturdy.

You can find spaces around walls for your shelves. Floating shelves are some of the trendy options you can incorporate into your basement finishing design. They are suitable for small rooms, and they are not intrusive. They have a minimalist effect that will complement your home improvement design.

3. A Cost-Effective Industrial Basement Finish

If you want a unique aesthetic for your basement bar, consider an industrial finish. It is suitable for small places, and homeowners often pair it with rustic elements. It involves using wood or metal, and you can incorporate corrugated metal sheets in the design.

The beauty of the industrial design is the materials are readily available. It, therefore, makes for an affordable renovation project for home improvement.

4. Night Club Vibe with Futuristic Design

If you want to infuse a nightclub ambiance, you can try the futuristic design. The aesthetics of the bar may resemble a spaceship’s interior. Futuristic elements may include details with sleek metal finish or angular fixtures.

5. Consider Integrating Wine Storage

Ideally, you should store wine in low temperatures of 50 to 60 degrees. The environment must have low levels of humidity and preferably no light. You may need to build a rack to ensure you store the wine bottles on their side.

You can include different types of racks to fit the design of your home improvement project. You can add a glass door to the storage for a classy elegance that matches a modern style.

Creating a Family-friendly Basement Interior

Rather than have a bar, you can turn the space into a comfortable environment for the whole family. The basement can be a game or entertainment room with family-friendly features.

Developing the entertainment area may involve making counters that are easy for children to reach. You can also have comfortable seating when watching sports or playing games. Consider adding storage spaces for storing board games, DVDs, portable devices, and coloring books.

According to statistics, more than half of all homes are more than 40 years old. That means many of them are not compliant with regulations. Before commencing your home improvement project, ensure that the basement is suitable for remodeling. A professional evaluation will give you the peace of mind you need to oversee a successful renovation. If you are looking to have a new basement wet bar, call ElkStone Basements for a free, no-obligation estimate.

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