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Summertime is a time for fun, but you also need to watch out for the excessive heat and other problems brought about by the changing seasons. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that you and your home are ready. One space you need to put more effort into is the finished basement. Home Advisor suggests that an average basement remodel can have a 70% return on investment, but you need to do a little bit of seasonal upkeep to make the most out of your basement.

You will need to do several things to ensure that your finished basement is ready for summer. If you don’t, you might find that you will spend summer dealing with seasonal hazards instead of having a good time. So here are some tips to prepare your basement for summer.

Bring Some Fresh Air Downstairs

Summer can be quite hot. Therefore, you must find ways to bring some cool air to your finished basement. While you might want to spend a lot of time outside in the pool or hang out with friends, sometimes you just want to stay inside and have some toned-down fun.

If you have converted your finished basement into a room you can spend time in, you will want it to be nice and cool so you can decompress. One effective way to bring lots of cool air to your basement is to install one or several window fans.

Watch Out for Leaks

It is not unlikely to experience some heavy rain during the summer. As such, you want to ensure that your basement is floodproof. First, you must inspect all the nooks and crannies to ensure no cracks and weak spots. Also, check out the floor, walls, and foundation to see any cracks and indications of moisture. If you notice any, quickly seal them up. You can also cover cracks with caulk, after which you will need to insulate accordingly. Your basement finishing company can help you waterproof your basement to ensure no moisture or leaks make their way into your newly finished living space.

Consider Installing Dehumidifiers

Apart from being blazing hot, summer is also the most humid season of the year. Because of this, even when you waterproof your basement, your house can still become muggy. Air conditioning systems typically keep this humidity under control by pulling the moisture from the air. But if your basement is cool enough on its own, chances are you don’t have an AC down there to dehumidify the space. You can combat humidity in your basement by installing a dehumidifier. This small tool can be installed to drain consistently. This means you won’t be faced with the task of emptying the bucket every day.

Your finished basement is a lovely space to chill and even invite some friends over during the summer. That is why you must ensure that it’s very comfortable and homey. Consult our basement finishing company, ElkStone Basements, for more tips on how to make sure your basement comfortable this summer.

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