4 Creative Ways to Revamp Your Basement

4 Creative Ways to Revamp Your Basement

Basement finishing attracts people to your house listing and increases your ROI to 77.6%. Basement upgrades do not need to be expensive or complicated. Read on to learn how you can revamp your basement to suit your needs and increase the value of your home.

Create a Movie Room

Take advantage of your basement’s lack of windows to create a movie room that doesn’t require blinds or window shades to keep the sun out. Consider other basement upgrades such as good air conditioning, comfortable armchairs, a good sound system, and bright wallpapers to bring color to your home cinema. Installing reliable and fast Wi-Fi will take your home cinema to the next level by allowing you to stream movies. You also get a space to watch shows that aren’t as family-friendly such as Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead without worrying about your kids accidentally seeing a scary scene.

Make It a New Room

In case you college-aged kids, you can start a basement finishing project to create a living space that allows for greater independence without completely separating them from the rest of the house. Talk to your basement finisher company to get a good idea of what features would be best to include in the project. Basement upgrades are easy to achieve once major issues like potential leaks are handled. A basement could be the perfect place for your kids’ friends to hang out, too.

Make It a Home Gym

Depending on the size of your basement, you can convert it to a gym. As such, you get to work out any time as you please. A few basement upgrades will put you on the road to achieving your fitness goals. Installing mirrors and correct positioning of your gym equipment is key to remodeling your basement into an ideal gym.

An Extra Living Room

A basement redesign can help you create an extra living room. Consider installing a fireplace and some cozy couches in place so that you can unwind with friends and family. You can choose to have a more sophisticated design than that of your other living room for special occasions.

Make use of your basement by customizing it to meet your unique needs. Remember to involve professionals to get value for your investment and the best advice regarding basement upgrades. Contact us today if you are looking for a reputable basement remodeling company.

5 Factors to Consider When Installing a New Fireplace in Your Basement

5 Factors to Consider When Installing a New Fireplace in Your Basement

A new fireplace in the basement is a great way to renovate and make your home cozy. However, the nature of the basement and its location often poses several challenges. Here are some of the factors to consider before adding a new fireplace.

1. Safety Concerns

Before you begin your basement remodeling project, you need to take building codes into account. Since basements often don’t have windows and are on a lower elevation, there is a higher risk of fire hazards and carbon monoxide poisoning. Depending on the system you choose, you’ll need an efficient ventilation system when installing a new fireplace. You don’t necessarily need a chimney. You can hire a basement renovation company to deploy a direct vent system to facilitate airflow and prevent hazards.

2. Heating Needs

Another factor to consider during renovations is your heating needs. Before installing a new fireplace, a professional should conduct an energy audit of your basement. Your new fireplace should match the requirements of the room. If its output is too high, it will overheat the basement. If it is too low, it will overwork to keep the space warm. Mismatching the capacity can wear down your system faster and increase your energy consumption.

3. Type of Fireplace

The type of fireplace you choose will also depend on factors such as aesthetics, your budget, and maintenance. Wood-burning masonry options provide the traditional ambiance that many homeowners seek in a fireplace. However, they require efficient ventilation. You will have to organize to clean the chimney, too. Prefabricated fireplaces are easier to install and maintain than their masonry counterparts. You can choose between gas and electric system.

4. Installation and Backdrafts

Substandard installations of fireplaces often create issues such as back drafting. The pressure at the lower elevation of your chimney may draw air from the surroundings. The ventilation outlet needs to be higher than the neutral pressure plane of the house. A backdraft can result from blockages or creosote buildup, which can be fixed by cleaning the chimney. External factors such as trees around the building may also interfere with airflow in the interior.

5. Maintenance

A new fireplace will require routine maintenance to keep it energy-efficient. The type of system you choose will determine the convenience and ease of maintenance. Gas and electric fireplaces are cleaner and more convenient to operate. Wood-burning options may have that cozy ambiance, but they demand a lot of work to keep them efficient and safe.

A new fireplace can be a cozy addition to your basement, but you need to be careful to avoid accidents and regrets. The type of fireplace you opt for and the quality of installation are some of the most critical factors to consider. For the best results, consult a basement finishing company in Denver.

A Guide to Remodeling Your Basement

A Guide to Remodeling Your Basement

Finishing your basement and taking on a basement remodeling project can have many benefits for you and your home. This guide will help you to make an informed decision on whether or not a basement remodeling project may be a good fit for you and your needs.

Why Perform a Basement Renovation?

If you are looking to benefit from a basement renovation, you are in luck. There are two main benefits of having your basement finished. These are adding more space to your existing home and adding value to your home. This is helpful if you were originally wanting to move to a home that has more room or you have outgrown your current home. A finished basement can allow you to add bedrooms and guest rooms to your home. This can allow you to stay in your current home longer, thus saving you money in the long run. If you are planning on selling your home or just want to add value for a potential sale in the future, finishing your basement is also a good option. This is because potential buyers will see this space in the basement as an added bonus, adding appeal to the home.

What Should You Include In a Renovation?

You may be wondering where to start with your basement remodel. The first thing you will want to do is figure out how you will use the space in your basement. For some people, a finished basement means a dedicated laundry room. For others, this means taking advantage of the space to create extra spare bedrooms. Even still, you may want to finish the basement area to include a wet bar, an entertainment area, or family rooms. The options are virtually limitless and are completely up to your personal preferences.

After you have figured out how you will lay out your reimagined basement, it is then time to figure out what you want to have in the basement. This would include fixtures, furniture, and other items that will help make the basement space your own. Some elements to consider are listed below.


Basement remodeling means finding the right lighting. Lighting means more than just figuring out what lamp you would like for your basement area. Lighting is actually a bit more complicated to figure out, especially if you do have electrical currently hooked up to your downstairs. Incorporating as much natural light as possible is always a good idea, but keep in mind that your basement is underground and will need additional lighting options, such as built-in options.


Even though you have incorporated lighting fixtures into your basement, it can still feel dark and drab. This is especially true if your basement does not have any windows. Adding windows can help to bring in additional light, can help with energy efficiency, and can help tie the room together and help it feel more lived in.


Unfinished basements are known for their drab concrete floors. Not only are these cold, but they are also easy to slip on. Painting concrete is an easy and cost-effective option, but it still does not negate the fact that your floor won’t be very safe. You will also need to keep in mind that painting your floor will require more upkeep. However, a great alternative is to find some low-cost carpeting to install inside this space. Carpeting will help to warm up a room, both figuratively and literally.


Insulation is a very important aspect to factor in, as this helps to maintain your energy costs and helps you with temperature control in your basement area. Properly installed insulation can even help you save on your energy bills.

Basement remodeling and finishing your basement does not have to be overwhelming. Utilizing the help of a professional team can help get your basement to where you want it to be. Finishing your basement will cost 80% less than buying a new larger home. So, invest in the home you currently have.

What Makes a Great Family Room?

What Makes a Great Family Room?

Family rooms are a great way to turn your finished basement into a place where the entire family can be together and relax, unwind, and have fun. But what exactly makes a great family room? And what can you include in your own family room to make it a place where you and the kids will all want to hang out at the end of the day?

Here are a few ways you can decorate your basement family room to make your space comfy and cozy for everyone.

A comfortable lounge area

Family rooms can be used for a wide range of things from game nights to movie nights. No matter what the activity you plan for your get-together, you want to be sure that your family room is as cozy as possible. No one likes to sit back in a hard chair, especially kids.

Make sure that you include soft and comfortable furniture like a sectional or sofa. You also want to be sure that your ottomans and side chairs are soft, too, for when you have guests over. If you want to take your family room up a notch, consider installing a modern fireplace design in your finished basement. A new fireplace can help warm up the space, literally and aesthetically.

Layered rugs

Some homeowners choose to include carpeted flooring in their finished basements while others prefer engineered hardwood to avoid the risk of floor damage in the event of flooding. In 2017 alone, Americans spent almost $14 billion on home improvements as the result of a disaster. Of course, whichever your flooring choice, make sure that you have something soft for your feet (and your kids’ feet) to land on. Layering area rugs can help to keep your feet warm in your family room. They can also help to define certain spaces. For instance, if your finished basement is a large, open floor plan, your rugs can create “separate” areas such as the lounge area, the kids’ play area, and the home office.

Storage space for entertainment

Family rooms need to keep their games somewhere. Whether you have a board game collection, video collection, or video game collection, make sure that you have a designated space in your finished basement to keep everything organized. You can use bookshelves, an entertainment center, cube shelves with labeled cubbies, or totes. Just make sure that you have clear labels on everything to make finding your entertainment easy.

Need help remodeling your basement into an incredible family room? We have the design-build remodel contractors you need to transform your space. Contact ElkStone Homes to learn more about our finished basement renovations today.

3 Tricks to Make Your Finished Basement Feel Extra Cozy

3 Tricks to Make Your Finished Basement Feel Extra Cozy

Chilly weather is here, and many of us are already curling up on our couches with a good mug of hot chocolate. But getting cozy is more than just about pulling on sweatpants and streaming your favorite show. Getting cozy is also about creating the right ambiance, which can be tricky when you’re working with a finished basement that’s underground by design.

Fortunately, there are a few tricks you can use from home stagers to help you turn up the cozy factor in your finished basement:

  1. Use lamps and not just overhead lighting. As any basement finishing company will tell you, overhead lighting is essential for brightening up a finished basement. Improper lighting in a basement can leave you feeling like you’re in a cave, especially considering 50% of houses on the market today are over 40 years old. However, if you’re looking to make things cozier and more intimate, it’s a good idea to use lamps alongside your overhead lighting. Task lighting, especially with warm bulbs, helps to create a relaxing mood at any time of the day.
  2. Layer the floor with rugs. Whether you choose to use hardwood flooring or carpeting in your finished basement, you can’t go wrong with adding rugs. Rugs, especially soft cushy ones, help to add texture and dimension to the room. When they’re furry and soft, rugs can give people extra comfort because they know they’ll be able to step onto something soft. Rugs can also help to buffer the cold that can sometimes come with hardwood floors.
  3. Dress up your fireplace. If your finished basement has a fireplace design, don’t just let it go undecorated. That’s a piece of potential right there waiting for you. Set up fun features on your mantel such as wooden candlesticks, fall-themed artwork or photos, dried wheat and seasonal flowers, and pumpkins. These seasonal touches help to bring the best of the outdoors indoors without losing any warmth.

If you’re looking to transform your basement into a cozy escape with a new fireplace or new wet bar this season, look no further than the basement finishing company of ElkStone Homes. ElkStone Homes offers different types of fireplace from traditional to contemporary to help turn up the cozy factor in your finished basement. We also offer complete basement finishing services so you can transform your basement from blah to tah-dah! To learn more about our basement finishing services, contact ElkStone Homes today.

3 Ways to Winterize Your Finished Basement

3 Ways to Winterize Your Finished Basement

Insulating and waterproofing are both essential when it comes to basement remodeling. However, depending on where you live, finishing a basement may require additional heating. With winter on the way, now is the best possible time to consider how you can make your finished basement warmer and cozier. Try these tips to winterize your finished basement so you can avoid higher utility bills and unhappy guests.

  1. Install additional insulation. As you’re finishing your basement, your basement remodeling company will recommend that you add additional insulation to help keep your basement warm during the winter season. In many basement renovation projects, the stone or cinder block walls of the average basement are covered with insulation, drywall, and paneling. However, Colorado winters can be frigid and it’s important to add additional insulation by framing-in your basement with drywall and more spray foam insulation. This additional insulation will help to keep warm air from being sucked out through the surrounding foundation.
  2. Fill in gaps in your windows. If your basement has windows, it’s essential to make sure these areas also have additional insulation. Check for any gaps between the window panels and your walls. Your basement remodeling company can remove the trim from around your windows to add additional insulation, too. Depending on the age of the windows, it may be a good idea to have them replaced with energy-efficient double-pane windows that can make a noticeable difference in your basement’s insulation. Talk to your basement renovation company for a professional opinion.
  3. Install a basement fireplace. Once you’ve successfully insulated your basement, another great way to winterize the space is by installing a basement-specific heating option like a new fireplace. According to Home Advisor, the average basement remodel can have up to a 70% return on investment and a new fireplace only adds to that investment. There are different types of fireplaces available including wood-burning, gas-burning, and electric so you can feel confident knowing you have your options. A basement fireplace not only adds additional heating to your finished basement but it also adds a classic, cozy element anyone can appreciate during the winter season.

Looking to take your basement remodeling project to the next level? ElkStone not only offers exceptional basement upgrades but also basement fireplace designs to truly make your finished basement as cozy as possible. To learn more about the process of installing a new fireplace in your finished basement or for more information on basement remodeling, contact ElkStone today.

How to Do Basement Lighting the Right Way

How to Do Basement Lighting the Right Way

When it comes to a basement remodel, one of the biggest challenges is successful lighting. Lighting is vital for any basement remodel because it helps transform the space from a spooky boiler room to a cozy family room.

Even with a new fireplace and new wet bar, a basement remodel will still feel like a scary basement if you don’t light it the right way. So what’s the right way to light your basement? Here, we’ll dive into the lightning techniques you need to transform your finished basement into a basement family room you’ll love.

Install even, all-over lighting

It’s a good idea to work with a professional basement renovation company because basement lighting is best when planned before construction begins. Your basement will need enough outlets installed before the ceilings and walls are closed up. All-over lighting with recessed ceiling lights eight feet or higher will give your basement remodel the best possible lighting.

Make sure that your recessed lights are properly insulated, too, to prevent heat from escaping. Because the standard American home has nearly doubled in size since the 1950s and basements are already typically cooler than the rest of the home, improper insulation can leave your basement feeling chilly in some areas and warm in others.

Consider using reflector bulbs with flood beams for optimal broad light distribution throughout the room. Talk to your basement renovation team about evenly spacing the ceiling lights to ensure the entire area is evenly lighted. You don’t want some parts of your basement to be light while others are dark.

Incorporate the other two types of lighting

While general, all-over lighting will be your best friend when it comes to successfully lighting your basement, you want to be sure to use all three types of lighting throughout the space. Aside from general lighting, the other two types of lighting include accent lighting and task lighting.

Accent lighting refers to light that focuses on a specific area as a way to highlight that area. Common types of accent lighting include wall sconces and track lighting. Task lighting is lighting refers to lights in areas where you’re working or reading. For instance, if you have a wet bar design set up in your basement remodel, you’ll want to be sure to have task lighting in that area so you can see what you’re doing when you’re serving drinks for friends. By using all three as a team, you can be sure your basement will have a warm, friendly vibe to it with no scary shadows in sight.

How Does Finishing My Basement Add Value to My Home?

How Does Finishing My Basement Add Value to My Home?

It’s no secret that finishing your basement can give you some serious advantages as a homeowner. Not only does finishing your basement cost 80% less than buying a larger house but it also gives you a 77.6% return on investment that can seriously come in handy when your home goes back on the market.

With the help of an experienced basement remodeling company, you can turn your basement into a major usable living space for your property that can give you a lot of added value. Here are some of the key ways finishing your basement can help to boost the property value of your home when the time comes to sell your house.

Get around zoning codes

When your home is too small and you’re looking to add onto your property, zoning codes can be a real pain in the neck. Zoning restrictions may keep you from adding certain additions to your property because they can bring your home too close to your neighbors’ property. If your home is already two stories tall, too, you may not be able to expand upwards. This can be frustrating if your home feels cramped despite the second story. This is where finished basements come in handy. Finishing your basement allows you to expand your usable living space without interfering with zoning restrictions.

Make your home an income property

If you’re looking to earn a little extra income on top of adding value to your home, you can turn your finished basement into an investment property with the help of a professional basement remodeling company. Finishing a basement and turning it into a rental unit (approved by your local zoning department, of course) gives you the ability to make several hundred dollars a month. You just need to be sure to conform to local fire codes. If renting out your finished basement isn’t for you, you can still convert your finished basement into an apartment for your in-laws to save on assisted living expenses later on. If you and your family move, the basement apartment provides potential buyers with multiple opportunities.

Adds recreation and storage space

The last thing anyone wants is to store their belongings in a damp and dark basement covered in spiderwebs. Finishing your basement is a great way to give your home some additional storage space that clean and dry. What’s more, you can use the space as a recreational area like a home gym, kids play area, teen retreat, or guest bedroom. Because finishing a basement adds to the usable space in your home, it’ll be an unexpected but pleasant surprise for potential buyers later on when the time comes to sell.

Ready to upgrade your basement? ElkStone Homes is the basement remodeling company you need to take your basement remodeling design to the next level. Whether you’re looking to install a new fireplace for the ultimate family room or you’re looking to install a wet bar for a great entertaining space, we have the design experience you need. For more information about our basement remodeling services, contact ElkStone Homes today.

3 Elements to Create the Ultimate Basement In-Law Suite

3 Elements to Create the Ultimate Basement In-Law Suite

Many homes across the U.S. are multi-generational with three or more generations sharing the same household. In fact, according to data from the Pew Research Center, 19% of the population lives with multiple generations.

If your parents or in-laws are coming to live with you, there’s a good chance your first thought may be to buy a larger house. But finishing your basement actually costs 80% less than buying a larger home, making in-law suites a great alternative for additional space.

To help you create an in-law suite worthy of your loved ones, here are three elements to include in your basement renovation for the ultimate in-law suite.

  1. Maximize lighting. Natural lighting can be hard to come by in a basement renovation. Some basements only have small windows along the top of the room while others have no windows at all. Because of this, it’s all too easy for basements to have a dark and spooky feeling to them. By maximizing the lighting in your basement, you can help to turn your basement into a bright and cheery place. Consider using recessed lighting with warm bulbs.
  2. Install a separate entrance. If your basement allows it, consider installing a separate entrance for your in-law suite during your basement renovation. A separate entrance gives your loved ones an extra sense of privacy and independence. They can still live apart from the rest of the home while enjoying being closer to the family.
  3. Set up a kitchen. It can be frustrating for your loved one to have to come upstairs to use the main kitchen every time they want to cook for themselves or need a snack. Setting up a finished kitchen during your basement renovation is a great way to give your parents or in-laws their own separate space where they can cook as they please. What’s more, if it’ll be a while still before your parents or in-laws move in, you can use the basement kitchen as a new wet bar.

Ready to get started on your basement renovation? We’ve got you covered. ElkStone Homes offers basement finishing services to help take your in-law suite to the next level. For more information on finishing a basement or adding a new fireplace or wet bar, contact ElkStone Homes today.

Chic Ways to Elevate Your Finished Basement

Chic Ways to Elevate Your Finished Basement

Finishing your basement is a great way to add some serious value to your home. But without the right design choices, your finished basement might still end up feeling like a dark and spooky room.

Fortunately, there are chic and simple ways you can elevate your finished basement. One idea to elevate your basement is to rethink how you use the space. Remember, your finished basement isn’t just a storage area anymore.

Here are a few design tweaks you can make to turn your basement into a stylish and functional area for you and your family.

Add a brick veneer

Over 50% of houses on the market are over 40 years old. Older homes often come with a lot of character including exposed brick walls. In some cases, basements already have these brick walls installed and all you need to do is dress it up with some paint or a thorough washing.

However, if your basement doesn’t have its own brick walls pre-installed with your home’s foundation, you can add one with a brick veneer. A brick veneer gives your basement the aesthetic of a brick wall without the brick-and-mortar masonry that goes into adding an actual wall. Talk to your basement remodeling company to learn more about brick veneers for your basement design.

Install a fireplace

A new fireplace is a great way to instantly add style to your basement. The two most popular types of fireplaces for finished basements include electric and gas fireplaces.

Electric fireplaces are programmed to create a crackling noise without producing heat and you can change both the style of the flame and the logs. With these types of fireplaces, you get all the aesthetic advantages of a fireplace with none of the maintenance.

A natural gas fireplace is also a popular choice for finished basements. These types of fireplaces produce warmth for the entire basement, which can be relaxing in a family room. Gas fireplaces create a nice ambiance and generate practical revenue because of their warmth.

Bold wallpaper

Wallpaper is one of the most popular trends in interior design right now, and not just any old wallpaper. Bold wallpaper. Placing bold, elegant wallpaper in a high-traffic area can instantly give your finished basement that wow-factor it might be missing. Consider wallpaper in plant patterns that are green and leafy to keep the pattern from being overwhelming.

Not sure where to start when it comes to elevating your basement? ElkStone Homes has the basement finishing services you need. We’ll help you find the right design options for your finished basement. For more information on basement renovations or basement fireplace designs, contact ElkStone Homes today.

4 Wet Bar Design Trends to Expect for 2021

4 Wet Bar Design Trends to Expect for 2021

It’s no secret that housing trends come and go, but that doesn’t make them any less fun to play around with. This is especially true when it comes to wet bar design. The average basement remodel can have a 70% ROI, and a modern wet bar with the right look may even boost your ROI even more.

That said, before you put away your paint cans and Pinterest boards, here are four of the most to-be-expected wet bar design trends for 2020 to 2021.

  1. Open shelving. Open shelving has been a growing trend in modern kitchens and so it only makes sense for it to begin trending in wet bar designs for 2021. Open shelving for wet bars helps to create that classic bar look but with a sleeker style because it’s a wet bar with your own interior design touches. Open shelving also gives you a way to show off your beautiful wine glasses and bottles.
  2. Bold colors. Another growing kitchen trend that’s making its way into wet bar designs is the use of bold colors. Homeowners are increasingly moving away from neutral color palettes like white, brown, and black and moving toward bold, chic colors like navy blue, emerald green, and soft olive. Consider mixing these bold colors with artistic touches like patterned wallpaper, tiles, or large pieces of art for a truly fun entertainment space.
  3. Maximalist minimalism. Maximalist minimalism combines the clean lines of minimalism with the bold colors of maximalism so you get the best of both worlds. For instance, painting the backdrop of your wet bar’s shelving with an emerald green color while using large wall art that’s simple or geometric helps to balance out both styles so you get a visually interesting space without the headache.
  4. Switched-up countertops. Many homeowners will choose a wet bar design that resembles their upstairs kitchen in order to continue to look of uniformity from upstairs to downstairs. But just because you want to continue your style throughout the house doesn’t mean your basement wet bar design needs to look exactly like your kitchen. A great way you can set your wet bar apart is by setting up a different countertop. Many homeowners are choosing to install butcher block, stainless steel, or concrete counter options in their wet bar for a cool, industrial look.

Ready to get started with your own basement wet bar design? ElkStone Basements is the basement remodeling company you need to get the wet bar design you’ve been dreaming of. To learn more about our basement upgrades and finishing projects, contact ElkStone Basements today.

Common Basement Remodeling Myths, Busted

Common Basement Remodeling Myths, Busted

It’s no secret that homeowners love to remodel and improve their homes. In 2017 alone, Americans spent almost $14 billion on home improvements. However, basement renovations aren’t often the first idea that pops into people’s minds when they think about remodeling their homes. This is typically because there are several myths surrounding basement renovations that just aren’t true.

To help put the record straight, here are some of the most common myths about finishing your basement:

  • It’s not worth remodeling a basement because of the flood risk. It’s not uncommon for basements to flood, especially during big rains or rapid snowmelts. However, basement flooding and leaks can be easily avoided with proper waterproofing. By installing a waterproofing system for your entire basement before remodeling, you won’t have to worry about flood risk when you finish your basement.
  • Basement remodeling doesn’t require work permits. Your basement may be in the lowest level of your home and away from curious eyes, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need any work permits. A city or county inspector may stop by to check and see if you have a permit if they find out that there’s work being done in your home. If you don’t have a permit, the work that’s being done may need to be demolished and redone later. That said, make sure that you get the proper permits for your basement remodel before you get started.
  • Finished basements are too dark to be enjoyed. You may not have the biggest windows in your basement, but that doesn’t mean your finished basement will be dark and spooky. With the proper recessed lighting and wall color, you can easily make your finished basement light and cheery. You can also get rid of the scary ambiance many unfinished basements have by making your basement feel like it’s a part of the rest of your house including using similar furniture styles and flooring as the floors upstairs.
  • There isn’t a lot of value in finishing a basement. A finished basement has a resale value of up to 77.6% because you can use it for a wide array of things including an entertainment space, family room, and even a rental.

Do you need a professional basement finishing company to give you the finished basement of your dreams? ElkStone Homes is the basement finishing company for you. To learn more about our basement renovation services and upgrades, contact ElkStone Homes today.

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