Are you feeling bored with your home and thinking of remodeling? Basements are a popular place to start remodeling projects. There are many benefits to remodeling a basement, including adding space and enjoying a 77.6% average return on your investment. Do you have basement space that has gone unused? Convert that unused space into a basement family room, basement wet bar, or theater that includes a brand-new fireplace. Besides, on average, finishing the basement of your home costs 80% less than if you were to purchase a larger home.

Use a Fireplace Company to Finish Your Basement

Outfit the basement of your home with a decorative fireplace that is trimmed with drywall, tile, or stone. Fireplace companies specialize in such projects that add value to your home via the warmth and comfort of a distinctive fireplace. Let the experts handle every part of a fireplace basement project, from start to finish. They have all of the experience, equipment, and knowledge required to install the perfect fireplace for your space, whether it’s electric or gas.

Fireplace Designs Can Match the Theme of a Basement

Designs can be kept in theme for any basement. Choose a casual stained wood mantel for a more rustic theme or a painted white mantel for a more formal theme–or perhaps you would prefer the look of cultured stone to add a gorgeous finishing touch. Enjoy a hearth of travertine or slate tile that adds character. No matter which design you choose, the new fireplace will add both charm and practical value when it comes to keeping warm.

Which Type of Fireplace Is Right for Your Basement?

Basements tend to be cold, so installing a hearth offers a great source of heat that also adds to the beauty and ambiance of the room. There is no need to be overwhelmed when you want to have a hearth installed in your basement. There are a wide range of fireplaces in which to choose, but which type is the right one to finish your basement? When you hire a basement remodeling company for the job, they can help you plan a remodeling project that includes putting in the right hearth. They have the experience to help you choose a design that will complement your space. Before you know it, you will be enjoying the glow and warmth of a fire with friends and family in your newly remodeled basement.

Enjoy the Advantages of an Electric Fireplace

There are many advantages to choosing an electric fireplace. They are a popular choice since they are modern, sleek, and innovative. Do you want to be able to program different aspects of fire including sound, the level of heat produced, and the style of logs or flames? If so, then an electric fireplace is exactly what you want. An electric hearth uses heating coils and silent fans to distribute heat throughout your basement. Get the visual of a flickering flame via a multitude of design types that will fit the style of your basement décor.

Go with the Convenience of Gas

A gas burning fireplace is convenient. With a flip of a switch or a turn of a key, you can have a fire dancing upon gas logs. You are also assured continuous heat. There is no hassle when it comes to starting this type of fire, and your energy bills will be reduced by at least 25%. Gas is also safer to use around pets and kids. Don’t wait — start planning your basement fireplace today.